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SouthWest Florida Marine Aquarium Society


We would like to invite you to join the Southwest Florida Marine Aquarium Society (SWFMAS). We are a diverse group of individuals located primarily in the SWFL. We have a common interest in the Marine Aquarium hobby and the preservation of the marine habitat. Together, we provide a collective voice for all those who share our interests.

Most of us maintain our own Saltwater or Reef Aquariums and we are happy to assist others who are considering entering the hobby. We are vitally interested in the promotion of the hobby and hope to be of assistance to all of our members. A number of us either breed marine fish or propagate corals.

The club allows anyone to participate in almost all club activities without being a member or part of any existing group. Without being a member, you may:
• Attend any meeting, assuming we don't have attendance limits at the venue
• Read, share, ask questions, and post pictures on our online forums
• Participate in Buy/Sale forum

So if we already offer so much to the community, why would you want to join SWFMAS? As a club member, you also receive:
• A discount at some of our club sponsors.
• Access to post images in the image gallery
• Access to the members only portion of the forums
• Access to the member map
• Access to the email Emergency Helpline
• A SWFMAS membership card (which will get you discounts at member local Fish Stores (LFS)
• Eligibility for door prize drawings and raffles at meetings
• The opportunity to be a club officer
• The opportunity to vote in club matters
• To help support the club, and allow us to pay for venues that benefit everyone in the club

One of the most significant reasons people join is to help foster the growth and knowledge of preservation and education of our reefs (both global and in our living rooms), safe ecological practices, and public outreach programs. The fee goes to support bringing in good speakers, obtaining space for the meetings, maintain the website, and other community causes.
If this sounds like something that you might be interested in, please don't hesitate to speak with one of our club officers. We have added a convenient Paypal link to assist you in processing your membership.Your will immediately be promoted to member status when you use the Paypal link.

Membership Application Form

Once you have completed the Paypal payment process, please fill out the membership application and return it to [email protected] or follow the mailing instructions on the form.


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