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SouthWest Florida Marine Aquarium Society

Mission Statement

SWFMAS is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of aquarists dedicated to the care and conservation of marine life kept in reef aquariums.
Our primary objective is to educate other area reef keepers on the requirements of caring for reef inverts, fish and coral propagation. SWFMAS believes that in order for this hobby to continue and flourish, dedicated hobbyists must take a more active roll in their community to educate new aquarists on the less destructive methods of cycling tanks, fish cohabitation, beginner and advanced coral requirements. With many different methods of reef setup and care available from books, Internet, and local fish stores it can create even more frustration for the hobbyist looking for answers. We believe we can help the new hobbyist and advanced aquarist in new methods of caring for these delicate and beautiful creatures. As saltwater aquariums have gained in popularity, so has research into how equipment used can best emulate natural reef settings, provide better quality water, and give the hobbyist more control over every aspect of their tank. This has resulted in a large niche market of equipment. Deciding on which to purchase can sometimes overwhelm newer hobbyists. This is an area where our advanced hobbyist members will be able to provide advice.
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