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Looking For Interest For Possible Group Buy Algae Scrubber

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I have been doing a lot of research on Algae scrubbers and am highly interested in trying one out. I saw we have a new SWFMAS sponsor (Santa Monica Filtration) who makes one of the best out there. I wanted to gauge interest with other members about possibly doing a group buy. I am all for trying to keep my phosphates and nitrates down naturally without having to use some form of chemical filtration. Obviously this would take place after the conference. I would have no problem coordinatingthe order. I live in Naples and do not mind driving to Fort Myers to drop off my northern friends orders. I would need someone in the Fort Myers area that could coordinate the disbursement to our friends that live in Cape, Lehigh and the Port Charlotte area. Any input is always appreciated. I do not have pricing yet. I have sent an email inquiring about a group buy. On The Santa Monica Website they do offer really good discount prices for ordering more than one. For example, The Hog 1 normally goes for $149.99 but 5 or more goes for $119.99. I will post more information as I get it, but I really just wanted to gauge the interest in this product.




If enough interest is generated, I will submit to the BOD for approval to proceed with the Group Buy.

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Guest Bruce

count me in. I live in Estero but I would like to also get in on this group Buy.



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Sounds Great. I figured I would wait until afterthe conference. There are tons of videos on YouTube of this particular brand of scrubber. And with its ease of use, I really want to try it out. I am more than happy to do the order foreveryone. I was hoping I could find someone in Fort Myers Area who would be willing to help distribute the orders for the LEE county members. At almost $4.00 a gallon it would not be economical for me to keep driving back and forth from the 101 exit in Naples. Just got an email back for the HOG 1 pricing.Here it is:


Staff (Administrator)

4/1/2014 8:01:28 PM


Hi Michael,


Yes we have quantity-discounts already set up for the HOG1...


Quantity Price

2 $139.99

3 $129.99

4 $124.99

5+ $119.99


You can see discounts for each product, under the regular price.


Hope that helps...




Normally the hog 1 is $149.99 so as you can see above that it’sa pretty good discount if we order five or more. Here is the link for the hog 1.



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Sounds great Wayne. I was going to wait until after our confrence before I submitted for the approval to the BOD for the group buy. I wanted to also hear from some of the speakers at the event . I am counting down the days. Already have RAP in Orlando and MACNA in Denver booked. LOL

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