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Buy Tickets Online For The 2014 Swfmas Reef Conference

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Tickets for the 1st ever SWFMAS Dinner Banquet sponsored by NextReef on Friday April 11th are now for sale at www.reefconference.com. Buy yours soon, there are only 40 tickets (and going fast!) for the Banquet, and the guest speaker will be Murray Camp discussing a topic you won't want to miss: "The Future of the Hobby".


Also Piscine Energetics is sponsoring the Conference Lunch on April 12th, so the first 50 Lunch tickets will be %45 off, that's $10 per lunch ticket in savings. Don't forget to thank our sponsors when stopping by their booth in the Vendor Hall.


Please note that the Banquet and Lunch tickets will be sold online only as we need to provide our caterers a headcount. You can pay with PayPal or a credit or debit card through the website at www.reefconference.com/tickets.html


Starting this year, to go along with our brand new Reef Conference website, you can pay for your entry ahead of time, and save some time at registration the day of the event. As always, you will also be able to pay for entry at the event.



Hope to see you all soon at the Reef Conference (and before at our Tour of Aquariums March meeting)







Banquet Attendees:


Guest Speaker:

- Murray Camp



- NextReef

- Piscine Energetics


Saturday Speakers:

- Jake Adams

- Bob Fenner



- Cubed Reefer & Fiesty Fragger

- jdhuyvetter

- zyphen & ChemStar

- Wayne & CKeiling

- Cristina_J

- CoralfishG

- cuncator

- Bruce

- Rweiss007

- Seagullcat

- ronreefman

- Electrobes

- AquariumButler + 1

- Joefish72 + 3

- Ricardo

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Thank you for informing us about this problem. We are working with PayPal to resolve the issue and will post back here once the buttons and check out are working again.

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Update: PayPal is currently working on identifying the cause of the error message. This may take some time.

In the meantime, tickets may be purchased from our Square Marketplace at https://squareup.com/market/swfmas

You can pay with a credit card from the marketplace.


Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

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I was just wondering if i only wanted to attend a few of the speakers as well as the vendor hall, then i would need to purchase would be the general admission ticket?




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Yes, a quick breakdown of the three ticket options:


General Admission - Saturday only, three speakers/topics and admission into the exhibit hall


Banquet - Friday only. a banquet dinner with speakers, platinum sponsors. Includes a presentation by Murray Camp on the state of the hobby and legislature that may impact it. Note that this is a completely different topic than his Saturday presentation (Advanced Filtration)


Lunch - Everyone can have lunch at the hotel if they choose. Piscine Engergetics is sponosoring a SWFMAS lunch. As a result, we are offering lunch at the hotel for a discounted price. To take advantage of the discounted price, lunch tickets must be purchased in advance.

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PayPal is back up and running, and we left the square marketplace links on the tickets page as well so you can use either one.


Please remember that tickets are selling fast, and the deadline is approaching: we need to provide headcounts to the caterers by April 7th, so don't delay!


You can buy your tickets by clicking here



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Names are automatically added to our lists for the lunch and banquet as well as the entry fees, we will have those lists at registration.


We do recommend that you bring a copy of the PayPal/Square receipt (either on your phone or on paper), but we have been keeping track of every ticket purchase.


You will also need to bring a current membership badge if you purchased a discounted entry. Please note that for those who are club members but don't have their new badges, we have them and bring them to every meeting. you can certainly check with me if you are unsure about your badges or your membership status.


You can contact me via PM or at by email at [email protected]



2014 SWFMAS Membership Director

[email protected]

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Added the list of attendees for the Friday Dinner Banquet.


We are really looking forward to the banquet which will be a lot of fun, we will be able to chat with our sponsors and speakers. Come early ( from 6 pm on) to early register and socialize before the banquet .

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Deadline for all food purchases (lunch & banquet) for the reef conference is midnight tonight!


Get your banquet tickets and come socialize from 6pm - 7pm before the plated dinner and speaker. Topic will update us on what is happening with current legislative proposals and how that effects the hobbyist. Did you know that it could become illegal to posses frogspawn?


You will not want to miss this!



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$12 Discounted Lunch Tickets are SOLD OUT!


For lunch, you can still purchase tickets for the buffet lunch at regular price ($22 per person) from www.reefconference.com/tickets.html through midnight tonight (4/7/2014), and you can also choose from the regular restaurant menu in the hotel.


The caterers have also agreed to allow us to continue to sell the banquet tickets up until Friday, so we have just 10 banquet tickets available at $30 per person and you can purchase these through the www.reefconference.com webpage as well.


The Reef Coneference is just a few days away and we are looking forward to seeing all of you there!

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