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It's time for the 2014 Reef Conference!!!!!!!!





As with years past, as we get raffle donations, we will post them here in this forum. This forum will be updated frequently between now and the conference. So, check back often!


Dry Goods Raffle Items

Ushio - winners choice of bulbs. Bulb will be shipped directly to you from Ushio (3 available)

San Francisco Bay/Ocean Nutrition - Mixed foods and feeders (59 items total)

Ocean Revive - T247 LED fixture

Reef on the Rocks - 50 lb box of rock

United Pet Group (MarineLand) - Reef Capable LED (24-36 inch) w/timer (2 available)

United Pet Group (Aquarium Systems) - SCPS 100J Seaclone Skimmer, HOB (2 available)

Tunze - 6026 Nanostream (1 available)

Aqua Engineering & Equipment - 1 filter set (prefilter, carbon block, DI) and 1 bag of GFO

Cobalt Aquatics - Mysis Flakes and Vegi Flakes (3 of each)

Boston Aqua Farms - Stoney Coral Frag Kit

Aqua Mags - 1 each of Rock Mag Jr, Frag Farm and 2-Pack Frag Mag

Santa Monica Filtration - HOG1 Algae Scrubber

Hamilton Technology - 2 each - LED Accent lighting strips, Digital Timer

The Alternative Reef - 5 pack of single frag plug frag rock (4 available), 2 pack of large single frag rock (1 available).

Omega Sea - 7 different flake and pellet foods

Roggers Reef Foods - 3 month supply of "Complete Blend Plus" (4 available)

Coral Magazine - 1 Year Subscription (or subscription renewal if you already have one) - (3 available)

Prodibio - BioKit Nano (6 available)

Boyd Enterprises - 1 each - Chemi Clean, Chemi Pure (3 different sizes)

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals - 1 Big box of mixed products and foods. Too many to list individually

Ecological Laboratories - A box of mixed products.

Dr's. Foster and Smith - $25 gift certificate

Brightwell Aquatics - Box of mixed products

Continuum Aquatics - Box of mixed products

Fritz Industries - Box of mixed products

Dr. Tims - Box of Mixed products

Zoomed - 1 each 24" LED HO light, Large spirulina flakes, aquarium cooling fan

Spectrapure - 90 GPD RO/DI

Tropic Marin - Elimi-Control Carbon set with piggy back and replacement cartridges (3 available for general raffle, 1 in grand prize)

Air Water Ice - Typhoon III RODI unit (150gpd) w/TDS meter

Seachem - Mixed box of Seachem and Aqueon supplements

World Wide Corals - $50 gift certificate (2 available)

Joefish Aquatics - 1 x custom stand for any standard sized tank up to 6' x 2' footprint (winner submits desired dimensions), 1 x 45lbs base rock, 3 x 50 pack Via Aqua Coral-Plugs, 3 x 10 pack Via Aqua Coral-Plugs

Aquatic Life - 36-inch Edge LED light

Boardroom Aquatics - 48" Zoomed LED fixture

Aquatech - Box of mixed products and supplements

Hikari - Box of mixed foods and lots of sample packs (enough for everyone)

Reef Torch - LED light for Grand Prize

Blue LIfe - box of mixed products

Reef Nutrition - One Cooler full of mixed live foods and also some breeder foods....bags

Reef a Palooza - 4 pairs of tickets, good for either day

Piscine Energetics - 1 lb packs of Mysis shrimp (25 available)

Lifegard - LED Digital Thermometer


Livestock Raffle Items

JoshPorkSandwich Zoas - Zoa Frag Pack (4 or 5 frags)

Hobe Sound - 2 each - Euphyllia and Acan frags

Dave (Seagullcat) -Everlasting Gobstopper Zoos, Mystic Sunset Monti, Monti Confusa. Ring Of Fire Zoos

Corey (GoodrichFarms) - 1 x SPS frag pack: Green Digitata, Peach Digitata, Purple Grape Monti Cap, Green Monti Cap, Birdsnest. 1 x Zoa frag pack: Red People Eater, Capt. America, Magicians, Fire and ice, Green Bay, Punk Rockers

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update donations

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I have improved OceanRevive's donation to the raffle from an Arctic S026 which is a basic led fixture with no timers, 2 power cords and manual dimmer knobs, to the new Arctic T247 with dual built-in timers, one power cord and digital dimmers (not sunrise/sunset controllers, but digital 0% to 100% power settings).





This is the fixture we have done 3 production runs over the last 6 weeks and each run sold out in under 24 hours! Please update the raffle list of products from the S026 to the T247.




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We have several manufacturers that make multiple products and send us a box or two of mixed products. At this point, I open the box when it comes in to make sure nothing is damaged and to see if there are any items which need to be refrigerated or frozen. Then I close the box back up and put it by the front door. I'm getting too lazy to list each item individually. So, just come to the conference and see for yourself!!!!

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I'll be donating the following:


SPS frag pack

Green Digitata

Peach Digitata

Purple Grape Monti Cap

Green Monti Cap



Zoa frag pack

Red People Eater

Capt. America


Fire and ice

Green Bay

Punk Rockers

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Updated, thanks Corey & Rich for the donations.


Thank you to all our sponsors that are donating items for the Reef Conference, this is going to be a fantastic raffle this year!

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