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Wayne's Registration Thread

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1 red austrailin blasto welso

2 purple austrailin blasto welso

3 Blasto Mariati

4 Blasto Mariati

5 Blasto Mariati

6 purple austrailin blasto welso

7 branching hammer

8 orange zoos

9 orange zoos

10 orange zoos


I hope my spelling is correct. Thanks Seagullcat for helping me out.

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Updated list. After finding out how many spots I had and having to go out of town for a family emergency I finally have my list and pics ready. Pics to follow. Also please go over the pictures to see if I miss labeled any items. I had several people trying to help identify these.


01 Blastomussa Merletti sp., Pineapple Coral

02 Purple Blasto Welso

03 Blasto 6 Heads

04 Blasto 5 Heads

05 Blasto 5 Heads

06 Purple Austrailan Blasto Welso

07 Branching Hammer

08 Orange Zoas

09 Orange Zoas

10 Green and Yellow Zoas

11 Red and Green Acan

12 Red and Green Acan

13 Red and Blue Acan

14 Purple and Red Acan

15 Blue and Red Acan

16 Green Acan

17 Pagoda Cup

18 Green Acan

19 Favites

20 Favites

21 Favites

22 Orange Rhodactis

23 War Coral

24 Green and Purple Zoas

25 Neon Green Zoas

26 Green and Blue Zoas

27 Green Chalice

28 Green Chalice

29 Green Chalice

30 Red and Green Zoas

31 Peach and Green Zoas

32 Peach and Green Zoas

33 Green Encrusting Monti

34 Green Encrusting Monti

35 Christmas Tree Favia

36 Red Blue and Green Favia

37 Blue Green Favia

38 Alien Green Maze

39 Dark Blue with Purple Skirt Zoas

40 Purple and Green Zoas

41 Green Cap

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