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Unclaimed Raffle Prizes

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Jeff, will you be around Sat or Sun? I'd like to stop by and grab my loot, as well as doing some shopping in your frag tank.

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Just wondering what is left over and how much are the raffle tickets?








Below is a list of unclaimed numbers. Note that you have until the next meeting to claim your prize. You must have your ticket with you to claim. Your options are:


  1. Pick up at my house in Lehigh.
  2. Attend the meeting on May 18 to pick up your prizes.
  3. Contact me before to make other arrangements.

Prizes that are not claimed by the beginning of the meeting on May 18 will become raffle items at the end of the May 18 meeting! Also note that other arrangements does not mean I will hold your prizes for 2-3 months like I have done in the past. It just means that I will try to work with you to make other arrangements before the June meeting (at which time they become June raffle items)


Numbers are:


0059470 - 1 item


0059473 - 1 item


0059483 - 1 item


0059846 - 2 items (1 claimed, 1 donated back to club)


0059850 - 2 items


0059851 - 3 items


0059857 -1 item (claimed)


0059864 - 3 items (claimed)


0059865 - 2 items


0059870 - 2 items (claimed)


0059871 - 2 items


0059880 - 1 item (donated back to club)


0059887 - 5 items


0059890 - 5 items


0059891 - 2 items


0059892 - 5 items


0059907 - 3 items


0059909 - 1 items



It's worth noting that there are some pretty sweet unclaimed prizes! Including a couple tickets to some big conference in Fort Lauderdale later this year.


To claim or make arrangements, please post up here or email [email protected]

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Raffle tix are $1 each at the monthly meetings. Not sure what will be left as people are still claiming prizes.

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