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SouthWest Florida Marine Aquarium Society

June 16 Meeting

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Jeff Turner will be our guest speaker for June. His topic will be large custom aquariums, including the Smithsonian reef aquarium.


This meeting will be at the Imaginarium in Fort Myers. Meeting start time is 2 pm (note this is a little earlier than usual)






Jeff's Resume:


Jeffrey Turner, a husband and father of two, is a 50 year young South Florida native who has spent a lifetime cultivating a love of the surrounding oceans through his work in all aspects of the marine aquarium industry. An avid boater, sailor, surfer, fisherman, diver, spear fisherman, marine life collector, and photographer, Jeff Turner’s life, passion and vocation have evolved around the ocean’s coral reefs. With over 45 years of experience on and under the water, he is attuned to the natural behavior of coral reef creatures and this experience affords him a keen vision into all things aquatic. Jeff is a model citizen having been awarded the Silver Life Saving Medal from the US Coast Guard and Department of Commerce in 1991 for saving the life of a Florida Marine Patrol Officer whose plane crashed in rough waters of the Florida Keys. He has served as Vice President of the Florida Marine Life Association for 18 years and over the years has been called upon many times by the State Of Florida; Marine Fisheries Commission’s to provide professional input into the rule making process for the marine tropical fish collecting industry. He has been a member of the Florida Marine Aquarium Society his entire life.

Entrepreneurial Experience


Owner and President, Boyd Enterprises

March 2011 - Present


Boyd Enterprises was a fifty-year family owned aquarium filtration products manufacturing company that Jeff, and his wife Joleen Turner, purchased in late February 2011. Boyd Enterprises has been selling its’ well known Chemipure products to the aquarium industry for over fifty years. With Jeff’s leadership in a short year, and in a challenging economy, Boyd Enterprises has already increased revenues and profits by 20% and has created tremendous beneficial brand awareness via quality trade show aquarium displays as well as the general and efficient reorganization of the manufacturing, warehousing, and sales of the companies nationally recognized aquarium filtration products. Jeff has initiated a “Boyd Sponsors” program that supports unique aquarium industry and coral reef conservation initiatives such as the Coral Restoration Foundation, in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, and the Rising Tide marine fish-breeding program, at the University of Florida’s Tropical Aquaculture Lab in Ruskin, Florida. Through beautiful trade show aquarium displays, nationally and internationally, Boyd Enterprises will create awareness and financial support for these important programs to the worlds aquarium industries. Jeff has already provided aquarium displays, or “Living Business Cards” as he likes to call them, at trade shows such as the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America in 2011, the 2011 Dive Equipment Manufacturing Association and the 2012 Miami Boat Show. Jeff designed a brand new large aquarium display booth that was a huge hit at the 2012 Global Pet Expo in Orlando and will also be featured at the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America in Dallas, Texas in September. Boyd Enterprises also just exhibited at the largest worldwide pet show, Interzoo, in Nuremburg, Germany.


Founder and President, Reef Aquaria Design, Inc

July 2000 – Present


Reef Aquaria Design is a full service aquarium design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance company, specializing in large-scale Living Coral Reef and Jellyfish aquarium systems throughout the world. Some of Reef Aquaria Designs noted and distinguished clients over the past 12 years include Senator Daniel Innoye of Hawaii, Senator Paul B. Steinberg of Miami Beach, Secretary of Commerce Dave Evans, Under-Secretary of Commerce Samuel Bodman, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, The Smithsonian Institution, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, Hackensack University Medical Center, Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, Mr. J. Seward Johnson, Jr., University of Texas at Austin, PETCO, All-Glass Aquariums, Central Aquatics, Central Garden and Pet Company, Miami Children’s Museum, and many confidential private individuals in commercial and residential applications. Some of RADs’ noted projects include the design and fabrication of the Indo Pacific Coral Reef Aquarium, at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC for the Smithsonian Institution, the W Hotel 2,000 gallon jellyfish aquarium project in Sunrise, Florida and many residential and commercial projects locally and across North America. RAD continues to be the leader in large Custom Marine Reef and Jellyfish Aquaria Designs and many of our quality projects can be viewed on our web site at www.reefaquariadesign.com.


Chief Operating Officer; Member, Board of Directors –

Oceans, Reefs, and Aquariums

1997 – December 2007


As COO of Oceans, Reefs and Aquariums, he created the first financially successful sales and distribution network of "farm raised" marine ornamental fish, corals, invertebrates and other marine livestock with national and international distribution. ORA became an industry leader in a very short period of time due to national exposure at numerous aquariums and pet trade shows where Jeff expertise in marine aquarium set-ups allowed for instantly crystal clear marine reef displays that showcased the companies live products. Additionally, he was under consulting retainer to set up display aquariums, with ORA products, for companies such as All-Glass Aquariums, Oceanic, Marineland, Hagen, Red Sea and many others which resulted in product acceptance by the industry and dealers nationally and internationally. As a Member of the ORA Board of Directors, he provided guidance to owners, management and staff that has afforded ORA to remain as the leader in production and sales of Aqua-cultured Marine Ornamental products to the aquarium trade worldwide.


President, Exotic Aquaria, Inc.

1980 – 2000


From 1980 thru 2000, successfully managed Exotic Aquaria, Inc. as the premier South Florida custom marine aquarium manufacturing company with emphasis on aquarium services, wholesale and retail sales of marine aquarium life, collection of wild caught Florida marine life from local and Florida Keys waters, and built the finest South Florida living coral reef livestock facility in North Miami Beach in 1990 thru 1995. Exotic Aquaria specialized in high quality live rock collection and coral importation and culture at its state of the art facilities and was highly regarded as one of the top locations to purchase healthy marine organisms in the country. Exotic Aquaria manufactured marine aquariums for National and International clients including US Fish and Wildlife Service, McDonalds Restaurants in Miami and Panama, the Fountainbleau Hilton Hotel, Boyd Enterprises, Carnival Cruise Lines, Banco General, Panama, and Westin Hotels, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Displayed numerous award winning aquariums at the annual Florida Marine Society aquarium show, located at the Miami Museum of Science for over 30 years, and was instrumental in bringing commercial support to the aquarium club for the annual show at the Miami Museum of Science. He presented many custom aquarium design and manufacturing talks to aquarium clubs locally and nationally.


President, JAT Enterprises

1976 – 1980


Provided local, professional, aquarium maintenance services under subcontract for Exotic Aquaria, Inc. Became President of Exotic Aquaria, Inc in 1980 after the untimely death of Founder Joseph E. Turner, Jr. from a diving related accident in Thailand


Professional Licenses

State of Florida Marine Life Diver License #141

Marine Life Wholesale Dealer License # WD 4712


Publications Featuring Jeffs’ Aquariums

 The Most Beautiful AQUARIUMS OF THE WORLD, Nilsen and Fossa, Tectum 2004

 The New Marine Aquarium, Paletta, Microcosm 2001

 The Marine Fish Health and Feeding Handbook, Goemans and Ichinotsubo, Microcosm 2008

 Natural Reef Aquariums, Tullock, Microcosm 2001

 The Conscientious Marine Aquarist, Fenner, Microcosm 2001

 The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium Volume 1, Nilsen and Fossa, BSV 1996

 Tropical Fish Hobbyist, March 2008 #624, Violand,

 Tropical Fish Hobbyist, January 2007 #610,

 Coral, The Coral Reef Magazine, Jan/Feb, Volume 6, 2009

 The Coral Reef Aquarium, Vargas, Ricordea Publishing 2011

 Ultimate Marine Aquariums, Paletta, TFH Publications 2003

 Aquarium Corals, Bornemen, TFH Publications, 2001

 Aquarium Keeping and Rescue, DelFavero, TFH Publications 2005

 Reef Secrets, Nilsen and Fossa, TFH Publication 2002

 The Conscientious Marine Aquarist, Fenner, TFH Publications 2008

 Marine Aquarium Handbook: Beginner to Breeder, Moe, TFH Publications, 2009

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