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Mike's 180G Mixed Reef Adventure

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Man! looks like you sold lots of your corals and fish...


What kind of LED bulb are you running over your refugium?


Didn't sell any fish. I did have a few cheap wrasses die off from either jumping in the overflow or a bout with internal parasites.. Most all of the large colonies were frag heavily and sold. I still have a frag of just about everything and with all this fancy equipment should grow it back in short order. The fuge bulb is a 54w E27 Par38 red/blue grow bulb and it grows 5g of chaeto a month.

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Hows everything doing now Mike?


Everything is doing really good. Params are much more stable with the reactor hooked up and I have a good set of reagents for the test kits now. I don't want to jinx myself by saying this but I think my clove polyps are gone. I just did a spot check this evening actually. I'll need to do one last really thorough check using the portal viewer (magnifier) and go over every square inch of rock and sand in the center section. Then I'll feel comfortable building the scape back up. For the most part, the scape in the tank has gone in a bit of a new direction. It's for the better I think.








Have a rack full of coral now to mount.


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Really good looking tank... as always Mike. And the shot with your daughter up against the glass is really cute.




ishies!! ishies!! She had actually pushed the step stool over and had climbed up for the view.


Looking good Mike. Might need a frag or two of those chalices in a few months!


They seem to put out 1-2 eyes per month. Decent growth and haven't been on top of feeding them. Some need to get remounted on larger ceramic disks.

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