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SOLD: Breaking down the 265gal - ALL FOR SALE

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We've decided to break down the 265gal tank.

Tank was setup about 1 1/2 - 1 3/4 years ago. All equipment is in GOOD condition. I take care of all of my stuff !


I will post pictures later tonight, i can also take current pictures & email them on request.



265gal Perfecto Tank - $750 - OBO

3 x Lumenarc 3 w/ vent kit & glass shield + 3 x 250w AquaConnect 14,000K + ballasts - $750

Sequence/Reeflo Dart - $150


Protein Skimmer:

Reeflo 250 Skimmer w/ Pro Cup & Custom Needle Wheel - $1200

Deltec AP702 - $900



1 x Wavebox 6212 - $400

2 x Stream 6100 - $200 /each

1 x NanoStream 6025 - $45 /each (SOLD)

3 x nanoStream 6045 - $65 /each (SOLD)

2 x NanoStream 6055 - $180 /each (PENDING PAYMENT/PICKUP)

1 x MultiController 7095 - $180  (PENDING PAYMENT/PICKUP)

2 x Magnet Holder 6200.50 - $35 /each


Calcium Reactor:

1 x Schuran JetStream 2 w/ Milwaukee PH Controller, 10lbs Bottle, regulator & solenoid - $900

1 x MACO Custom Reactor w/ 20lbs bottle, regulators/solenoid - $450



Deltec KM500 - $300

AquaMedic Kalk reactor (older style w/ cone bottom & pump) - $75  (PENDING PAYMENT/PICKUP)





First Come - First Serve. Emails preferred, PM's will probably be filled up. Posts are acceptable.


Email:  [email protected]

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I've updated the top list with status:Pending:AquaMedic Kalk reactor (older style w/ cone bottom & pump) - $75 (PENDING PAYMENT/PICKUP)2 x NanoStream 6055 - $180 /each (PENDING PAYMENT/PICKUP)1 x MultiController 7095 - $180 (PENDING PAYMENT/PICKUP)SOLD:1 x NanoStream 6025 - $45 /each (SOLD)3 x nanoStream 6045 - $65 /each (SOLD)

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Marco, I'm sorry to hear that, but I completely understand. As you recall, I just did the same thing. It may have been for different reasons, & definitely not as hard to do, but still sux just the same. I do know I will set up a bigger better aquarium one day, but right now it is just not the thing for me to do...Take care,Skip

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Wow, Marco. Sorry to hear you're getting rid of your tank. Let me know what corals you have for sale as I might be interested in picking some stuff up. That way if you ever get back in it, you can just get some frags back from me. ;] Morgan w/ reefgardener

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