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Drew Wince

Moving! Deep blue 80g (shallow reef) tank with everything

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Hello all I'm selling my home and cannot have a fish tank at the rental. Looking to sell as a while I dont have the time to piece it out. Currently up and running.

Deep blue 80g rimless frag tank (corner drilled)

Custom pallet wall stand

2 noopsyche k7 pro

Eshoppes sump

DC supply pump (new spare in box)

Mp40, and mp10 WaveMaker 

Aquaclear 110 skimmer

Reef breeders ATO

Rodi unit 75g limit with new inserts maybe 20g on them

All kind of chems, test kits, food etc


Blue hippo tang, 2 paired clowns, 1 blue chromis, 2 cleaner shrimp, 1 peppermint, crabs, snails etc.


1 multi head dragon soul torch, blue tip, green tip, bi color tip, bicolor and gold branching hammers, tons of average and basic zoas, like rastas,  yellow brick road etc, 3 heads lsoh,  a bunch of mushrooms, some bounce hulk, frostbite, godspawn and a few others. A huge rock of psp, a close to basketball size of green sinulara grown from a 1" frag. Overall it's worth way more than I'm asking but I need it gone. There is some bubble algae do to neglect on my part. I did get a local shop near me started on maintenance. 

Asking 500$ for everything. I won't be piecing it out, come and take everything I have for it. Picked up please

Call or text 941-740-03,six, seven



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