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Bounce shroom pack (OG, Sunkist, mellow yellow, rhodactis)

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Buying a bike so some nice pieces up for sale! Selling as a pack, very nice bounce mushroom starter pack for anyone looking to start a rare collection. Looking for only $1k. Ten Bens for quite an established "frag pack" please, thanks! -Kyle 85O-57O-1423


2.5" OG bounce with 1" natural baby! 




2" Yellow Mellow bounce




3.5" Sunkist mama




1.5" Confetti Rhodactis, with bounce vessecle starting! Super rare, holding onto a natural split baby 😛





Will also include a little permafrost red devil mushroom, don't have good pictures of it yet, sorry, need to trim the algae growing around it!


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Here are some pics of the little red devil mushroom, starting to develop a nice bright rim, and those blue frosts are starting to dimple more. Developing into a nice one. 

Also, will add this forest fire mushroom, was sold to me as a bounce, but has grown to 2.5" so far without any vesicles, regardless a bright moon shroom, stands out in the side view confetti rhodactis pic above. Here's some top titties ferda:


Forest fire!



Permafrost red devil




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On 6/28/2021 at 10:52 PM, Narzyzz_12 said:

OG gone?


Everything available, not ready to piece out yet. Would possibly sell the 1" baby OG seperate at a later time.

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Bump, pack still available, but Sunkist split and will be a 2.5" clone instead of the big 3.5" mamma. I would like to keep the other as it is on one of the few rocks in the tank. 

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Sunkist sold

Mellow Yellow sold

OG may be splitting, but will sell for $450


Also selling some other gems

Red planet mini colony, will be cut where green starts - $100



Scolys, $125-200




Torch $100


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Warpaint scoly SOLD

Everything else still available, including OG bounce and carotid aneurysm bounce. 

Also getting to the point of selling whole tanks.


 JbJ 45g with aquamaxx skimmer, mitras LED, jebao DC return and powerhead, IM ato, neotherm heater; $500 package price!

 IM nuvo 20g peninsula drop-off (glass series), with nanobox duo LED, IM DC return, hygger powerhead, and neotherm heater (few extra filter socks as well); $500 package price! 

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OG bounce pending sale tomorrow!



The rainbow brain is showing its colors in the drop off tank. $250!




On 12/10/2021 at 8:31 AM, Narzyzz_12 said:

Whats Mitras in included with JBJ pack?

Silver 6200 series


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On 11/15/2021 at 12:30 PM, Kylebeano said:

Mellow Yellow SOLD


Bleeding apple scoly SOLD


On 12/21/2021 at 11:46 AM, Kylebeano said:

Would take $300 for all

Do you have anything available still?

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51 minutes ago, justaddwater said:


Do you have anything available still?

Everything in the gif and picture from the Dec 21st post is still available. Have all the trachys, few lobos, couple chalice, gorgonians, leathers, big bubble corals, anemones (rbta, mini carpets, big green carpet, tube), zoa/paly garden / den



 Gold mini carpet


Zoa/paly den


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Sorry, wife came down with fever yesterday so probably not a good time for at least 5 days. If you're okay maintaining precautions we can try working something out earlier, but def not today

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