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Dry Rock ? Aragonite?

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I have read about companies in the Florida Keys who drop aragonite rock that has been mined from quarries near Miami into the ocean off of the middle Keys and let it come alive. I see some landscaping rock that looks alot like dry rock I see in the LFS. Is this dry rock called something else in the landscaping, gardening or even pond business? On one site, I saw a white coral looking rock that was being called Florida Top Rock.

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A lot of your landscaping rock is Florida mined limestone.  Depending on the source quarry, some of it can be very high in iron or phosphates.  If you see some that you really like, get a piece and soak it in a bucket of distilled or RO water for a couple weeks.  Then test the water for iron and phosphate to see if any is leaching out.


When in doubt, best to buy from a reliable source.


FYI, the same applies to the manufactured rock on the market.  Some of them can leach out chemicals/minerals into your water too

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