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SouthWest Florida Marine Aquarium Society

September 19, 2020 Meeting

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Since our regular meeting places are still closed, we are going to do another snorkel trip.  This time Plan A is a reef off of Dania Beach.  This will be a beach snorkel.


We will do a beach snorkel trip to one of two locations.  One is on the east coast and the other is on the west coast.  So, we will have a Plan A and B pending what Mother Nature has in store that Saturday.  Save the date and post up in this thread if you plan on attending.  I will check the marine forecast for both locations a few days before and the finalize the trip.


Plan A - Hollywood/Dania Beach snorkel trip.  We will go to Charleston St. and park.  There are 3 reef lines here that are accessible from the beach.  First line is basically just rock bottom with algae and some fish.  Good for kids and first timers as you can stand up if you have any issues.  Second reef line is very popular for snorkelers as it is easy to get to from the beach, shallow and has a good mix of reef life.  Third line is for the strongest swimmers, but can be done.  For those that want to make a day of it, we can break for lunch and then head a few blocks north to the Dania Pier.  The end of the pier is on a natural reef line.  North of the pier there is a row of eurojacks (concrete erosion control devices) that run right off the beach out towards the reef.  


Map to parking location


Plan B - Casperson Beach - Venice This is a good beach to hunt sharks teeth.  There are also a series of rock jetties in shallow water.  Never snorkeled them, so not sure what to report.  Sand, saltwater, sharks teeth, I'm sure there is something to see there!.


Again, we will check the marine forecast and post up here with a final location.


Based on the marine forecast, Hollywood/Dania it is.  Let's plan on meeting at the parking area at 10 am on Saturday morning




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I'm familiar with the east coast locations, dived the area quite a bit when I lived there. Definitely a nice place to snorkel if the visibility is good.

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Cool. That is GATES' normal beach for snorkel and scuba with NOVA. He will be working at DIVERS' DIRECT (80 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach, FL 33004-2151) if anyone needs snorkel or scuba gear. I'm very proud and grateful to (JEff D) and SWFMAS for being such a positive influence on Gates. SWFMAS has given him access to workd class Marine facilities due to your perseverance. Gates is now taking classes in the GUY HARVEY "OC" OCEANIC CENTER where he visited with the club. Thanks to all! (And especially Jeff D.)


Have fun!  - Gates Dad

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