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SouthWest Florida Marine Aquarium Society

Gates is shutting down his 180+ Reef due to College...

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Gates is studying marine and environmental science at NOVA. Therefore he would like his corals and fish to go to the homes of people that helped him learn the hobby. After livestock is safely placed in new homes the tank, stand, sump, pumps, skimmer etc will be moved on as well.   Corals range from volleyball sized (pagoda cup coral) to medium-sized colonies (tubbs blue), Pavona and small fragments. 


  1. Mature Blue hippo tang,
  2. falcon hawkfish,
  3. half black angelfish,
  4. Ocellaris Clownfish,
  5. Convict Damsel,
  6. 1 large brittle star ("red scary")
  7. Anemone


  1. Donut Coral
  2. Pagoda cup (from Marco) 
  3. Pavona green (& blue)
  4. Tubb’s blue Zoas (From Marco)
  5. Fire& Ice zoas
  6. Brian Green's ORANGE zoas
  7. Green zoas
  8. Blue chalice, and small Hollywood stunner chalice.
  9. Soft mushrooms attached to large premium lilve rock.  
  10. Corals will come with the live rock they are on... or our best effort to safely move them. 


Local pickup only. Please contact Gates' Father - Mike

[email protected]

Located in North Naples

2020-04-03 11.14.45.jpg

2020-04-03 11.14.49.jpg

2020-04-03 11.15.27.jpg

2020-04-03 11.15.32.jpg

2020-04-03 11.15.42.jpg

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Pm sent. Luckily (or not) my company is helping in the Publix stores so I get to work stocking shelves and helping customers. Man people still aren’t taking this stuff too serious. At least the shoppers in the stores I’ve been in. Scary !

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