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Clownfish Pairs and Single

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I have been really busy with a new job and my 5 month old son, we need extra room and a few extra dollars wouldn't hurt. Unfortunately I have decided that it is time to let a few of my tanks go before that happens my fish and coral need to go.

Except for the "Smaller pair" these clowns have all been with me for over two years and every pair has laid clutches in the last year. Currently I believe only one pair is still laying however I don't think that I am asking breeding prices, I just want you to know that they are all well feed and taken care of for the last few years.

I haven't bought clowns or kept up with prices but all clowns are OBO.


For selling/buying purposes

Please use the pictures, some of these clowns are not perfect however I will try and explain anything next to each clowns names you should examine the pictures of any you are interested in.

I will be happy to address any concerns or questions. 

I'm pretty certain I have the right names/types.

Please do not argue about what type of clownfish these are in the post If you have any concerns message me with a reason and if needed I will correct any incorrect names/types.


$175 - Black Onyx -                (male is misbar, female has a deformed Ventral fin)

  $75 - Regular Ocellaris

$160 - Black Ocellaris -          (male is misbar)

$200 - High Grade Picasso - (sold to me as Nebula)

  $80 - Midnight Female -       (if you care, C-quest lineage) 

The light over the long tank does not shine very bright to the edge compartments. This being said the Midnight Clown will probably darken up to an almost completely black face if under good lighting. She use to be a fair amount darker.


Smaller Pair

$130 - (F) & Nearly Naked (M) 















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