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SouthWest Florida Marine Aquarium Society

Todd's Auction List

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01. Green Digitata

02. Green Digitata

03. Green Digitata

04. Green Slimer Acropora

05. Green Slimer Acropora colony

06. Green Slimer Acropora

07. Red Planet Acropora

08. Red Planet Acropora

09. Red Planet Acropora

10. ASD Minion Millepora

11. ASD Minion Millepora

12. ASD Minion Millepora

13. Armor of God Paly (1 polyp)

14. Magicians Paly (2 polyps)

15. Pink Playboy Bunny Paly (1polyp)

16. Blue w/orange mouth ricordea (single)

17. Blue w/orange mouth ricordea (rock w/several)

18. Blue Hornet Zoanthids (20 polyps)

19. Blue Hornet Zoanthids (10+ polyps)

20. Lime in the Sky Acropora

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Thank you for posting your list Todd. 


All, sorry for the delay with Todd's entries, we experienced some technical difficulties preventing it from being posted when created on October 6th.


These items will be added to the end of the auction list and not randomized.

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