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Wayne Auction Items revised

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01. Red Zoas

02 Red Zoas

03 Red Zoas

04 Green Peach center Zoas

05 Keds Reds Zoas

06 Mushroom

07 Mushroom with Zoas

08 Green Hairy Mushroom

09 Green Hairy Mushroom

10 Teal Mushroom

11 Cabbage Leather

12 Cabbage Leather

13 Bright Green Yellow Center Zoas

14 Green Zoas

15 Green and Peach Zoas

16 Green and Peach Zoas

17 Bright Green Yellow Center Zoas

18 Bright Green Yellow Center Zoas

19 Meteor Shower?

20 Sinularia leather

21 Sinularia leather Fragtank

22 Sinularia leather Fragtank

23 Tyree Neon Green Toadstool

24 GSP

25 GSP

26 Blue ridge coral

27 Blue Ridge coral

28 Blue ridge coral

29 Tyree Neon Green ToadStool Large

30 Large rock with mushrooms and zoas

31 Keds Reds Zoas

32 Devil's Hand

33 Dark Green Peach speckle

34 Scroll Coral

35 Scroll coral


Pics to follow. If there is a better name let me know.


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