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Carl Wilson

180 Gallon Acrylic Black-Back Aquarium for Sale

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180 gallon acrylic black-back aquarium with black lacquer full coverage strand.  Tru-Flo Model 300 wet/dry filter (Tru-Vu), previously used for fish only but new equipment (unused) is included for conversion to reef setup.  New equipment includes:


·         Mak 4 A4DLX 1200 gph main pump

·         Protein skimmer with new submersible pump

·         Custom Sealife, Inc. 6-foot lighting system with 6 x 96-watt mixed spectrum compact fluorescent lights

·         ProHeat II heater with external thermostat and digital temperature monitor

·         Milwaukee digital pH monitoring system


Aquarium has dual corner overflow prefilters with new socks feeding the sump and is plumbed with a separate bottom to top circulation loop.

Additionally, includes four Quiet One pumps, bioballs, Chemipure, crushed coral substrate {~100 lbs.), decorative coral rock, colored coral, shells, etc.  Freshwater replacement vessel, 60 gpd reverse osmosis water filtration system with additional prefilter and final deionization modules.  New RO membrane, particulate, carbon, and DI filter cartridges (sealed).  Lots of extra equipment for backup or isolation tank (e.g., thermometers, heater, skimmer) and routine maintenance (diatom filter, test kits).  Three 50 gal. bags of instant ocean.  Lots of PVC fittings, ball valves and numerous bulkheads.  Do not want to part out.  See attached PDF for photos.


Asking $1475.  Call Carl at (650) 888-4713.


Located in South Fort Myers.  Only for pickup, buyer to arrange and handle transportation.

Aquarium Ad Photos SWFLMAS.pdf

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