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Hey everyone been using the frag tank for growout of some of my higher end pieces. And I'm about out of room! Need to clear up some room while I get the big stank stabilized.

If you see anything let me know and I can get it fragged.


Rastas 15$ 2-3 polyps

Gobstoppers 15$ 2-3 polyps

Halle berries 15-25$ 3-10 polyps

Sunny d's 15-25$ 3-6 polyps

Twislers 25$ 3-4 polyps

Purple death paly 15-20$ 2-4 polyps

Nuclear death paly 15-20 2-4 polyps

Punk rockers 10-15$ 5-10 polyps

Tubbs blue 15-20$ 4-6 polyps


Chalices and favias

Og mummy eye 25-55$ 3/4"- 2"

Big R weirdo chalice 45$ 3/4"

Orange convict. 35$

Robiki chalice blue yellow eyes 25-35$

Big r Flamethrower chalice 25-35$

Orange sherbert chalice 35$

Day glow favia 50$

Miami chalice frag 25-35$

TGC yellow submarine favia(75$ will frag)

Skittles favia 65$(will frag)

Alien anti venom favia (65$ will frag)

Various blastos


Encrusters cyphastrea, lepto,etc

Meteor shower cyphastrea 15-25$

Bizarro cyphastrea 35-45$

Party crasher cyphastra 35-45$

Red brick road cyphastrea 20-30$

Jinglebell cyphastrea 20-25$

Big R branching cyphastrea 45$

John deer lepto. 20-35$

2k karat lepto(orange) 25-35$

Jf poker star cyphastrea 25-35$

Jf freak hair 25-35$

Jf spell bound cyphastrea 35$

Burning banana styloconciella 25-35$

Superman styloconciella 25-30$

Looney tunes styloconciella (125-150 will frag)



Big R Freak Nasty monti ( 150$ will frag)

Bubblegum digi 1"-3" 35-65$

Green digi 2-3" 15-20$

Pink digi 1-2" 25-35$

Apple berry confusia 2" 25$

Seasons greeting cap frags 20-30$

Red cap frags 15-25$

Mystic sunset frags 20-25$

RR tropic thunder frags 25-35$

Pink stetosoa 1-3" 25-45$



Cut to order for the most part have a few ready

SC ORANGE passion 125$ (will cut)

Jf bug out stylo 1" multi branch 45$

PC rainbow 1"-3" 30-75$

Blue tort. 1"-2" 30-40$

Vivid rainbow delight 1"-2" 40-55$

Pearl berry 1" 60-75$

Green tort mini colony 75$

Purple stylo 20$

Ponapi birdsnest. 15$

Pink birdsnest. 15$

Teal birdsnest 15$

Miyagi tort

Wwc yellow tips

Blue crush tort

Green slimer

Teal tort








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