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Black algae’s

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Looks like cyanobacteria growth. Here are suggestions to help.


Use a small siphon tube to remove as much as you can.  Change about 20 percent of your volume.

Use high quality carbon in a filter.

Increase the water flow.

Reduce your feeding amounts.

Cut your lighting time.


The bacteria is a sign of excessive nutrients in the water causing water quality to drop.  The water change will dilute.  Siphoning to remove as much as possible to reduce growth.  Reduction in feeding will slow the nutrients added to the water.  A skimmer will also help remove excessive protiens lowering nutrients.  High quality carbon will increase the water quality.  It may take several water changes but you should see results in a week.  


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Agree that the Red Slime will take care of it.  However, if you don't fix the root cause, it will come back sooner or later.


How often do you do water changes?  How much?  What kind of skimmer?  How often do you feed (and what do you feed)?


As for the decorations, is that wood?  Or are my eyes playing tricks on me.

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