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SouthWest Florida Marine Aquarium Society

April 27, 2019 Meeting - Poker Run (South)

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Our April meeting will be Saturday, April 27.  This meeting will consist of a Poker Run with some of our LFS.  This will consist of handing out cards at each stop and the high hand winning prizes.  The schedule is below (with the rules below that)


9:45 am - Meet in parking lot at Joefish Aquatics to get first deal of cards

10:00 am - JoeFish Aquatics - 16205 S. Tamiami Trail, Ste 4, Fort Myers

11:00 am - High Hand prize drawn at JoeFish Aquatics - Prize is a custom in the tank/sump acrylic frag rack.  Give Joe the dimension and he will make it for you.  Maximum size for this rack is 24-inches

11:45 am - Lunch at Buffalo Chips on Old US 41 in Bonita Springs (or other area restaurant - your choice.....I'm writing this and that is where I am going)

1:00 pm - Saltwater Solutions - 11100 Bonita Beach Road, Ste 104, Bonita Springs

2:00 pm - High Hand prize drawn at Saltwater Solutions - prize is the aquacultured Tridacna maxima clam pictured below

2:45 pm - The Barrier Reef -  13040 Livingston Road, Unit 8, Naples

3:45 pm - High Hand prize drawn at The Barrier Reef - Prize is a Cynurina coral (actual coral in pictures below)

4:30 pm - BBQ at John aka blackthunda77's house in Golden Gate.  There will be a final high hand drawing at 5 pm with whatever cards you have left. Grand prize is two full conference passes to MACNA 2019. Other prizes (Chemipure, power heads, Tshirts, etc.) will be given out until we run out of prizes or cards.



Poker Run Rules

  1. You must be a paid member of SWFMAS* to participate in the poker run prizes (not paid, you are still welcome to tag along, or you can join in advance through the website or in person the morning of the run) *One hand/set of cards per membership.
  2. Seven cards will be given out at the first stop with three cards given out at each additional stop.  If you make purchases at a given stop, you will be eligible to receive additional cards as outlined below.  (If you miss the first stop, you can still get your three cards plus purchases at whatever stop you join the Poker Run)
  3. If you make a purchase at a given store, you will receive one extra card.  For each additional $50 in value of your purchase(s), you will receive an additional card (Ex. $5 purchase = 1 extra card.  $51 to $100 = 2 extra cards. $101 to $150 purchase = 3 extra cards...and so on).  Obviously, purchases must be made prior to the drawing for the high hand at that given store. 
  4. Pick you best five cards for your hand.  Winner will turn in the winning hand (but can keep any extra cards for the next stop).  Losers can keep their cards for the next stop.
  5. At each additional stop, you will be given three more cards plus extra cards for purchases as outlined in #3 above.
  6.  Repeat items #4 and #5 until we run out of stops and prizes.


BBQ - RSVP and Side Dishes

The BBQ is a bring a dish event.  SWFMAS will cover meats, bread, plates, utensils and drinks - SWFMAS members will bring a side dish or a desert.  Please post up how many will be in your party and what side dish you will bring.  We will update below so you can see what people are bringing. Please RSVP by Thursday, April 25, 5 pm so we can get a head count to go grocery shopping!

  1.  Jeff (jdhuyvetter) - Whatever is missing (I do the grocery shopping for the club.  So, if there are any missing sides or deserts, that is what I pick up for my contribution)
  2.  Matt (zyphen) - Veggie tray
  3.  Rick (RickO) - coleslaw
  4. Charlie (Charlie0101) - cookies
  5.  John (blackthunda77) - corn casserole

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Other Poker Run "Stuff"


Saltwater Solutions is offering the following discounts to club members during the Poker Run

  1.  10% off coral purchases
  2.  15% off invertebrate purchases (max 5)
  3.  20% off fish purchases
  4.  Seachem goodie bags for participants
  5.  A discount coupon with any purchase for your next visit

The Barrier Reef

Pictures of the actual coral for the high hand winner




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Save your cards after the last LFS.  We will have some drawings at the BBQ.  Prizes are TBD at this time, but I know we will have some ChemiPure and some powerheads.


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Won't make this event, unfortunately.... BUT... I'll be conducting my own Poker Run, in Los Angeles, at the wholesalers.. or maybe at restaurants. 😜

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WOW, that clam will look great in my tank.  Now all I have to do is figure out how to stack the deck.  Who is shuffling the cards?



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Awesome prizes!


We are bringing in PriceWaterHouseCoopers to shuffle the decks and validate and audit the results, so there will be no seamonkey business going on.


If they don't show up, I will be shuffling and verifying the winning hands. 




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