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Sea Swirl oscillators and combos Group Buy

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Group buy for Sea Swirl assorted oscillator and combo models direct from the manufacturer (www.sea-swirl.com)


Run by: Zyphen (Matt)


Pricing model is a volume based discount:

  • for 10+ assorted models (your choice): wholesale pricing (same as what the big online retailers pay wholesale)
  • for 6-9 assorted models (your choice): wholesale +15%


Source: Sea-Swirl, manufacturer.


Group buy would be open from Jan 22, 2019 to Feb 15, 2019


Accepted Payment: PayPal gift (preferred), cash or credit (price + Square processing fees, usually 2.75% to cover my processing cost)


All orders must be paid prior to the order being placed. Payment deadline will be Feb 15 2019

Pickup: zyphen's house or other arrangements can be made in advance


For reference, from the Sea-Swirl website, including retail prices before group buy discounts:

  • 1/2” Sea Swirl     $189.95
  • 3/4" Sea Swirl     $224.95
  • 1" Sea Swirl     $249.95
  • 1-1/2'' Sea Swirl     $519.95
  • Multi Swirl     $329.95
  • Sea Sweep Propeller Pump Oscillator     $299.95

Respond to this post with your name/screenname, and which models you want. I will PM you from there to make payment and delivery arrangements.


Item count: 2


zyphen: 2 x Sea Swirl 3/4"


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