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Brian Green Event

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Saturday Nov 11th 2018


Still need to confirm time  usually late afternoon with frag auction when dark....


If you haven't gone before this is a pretty unique event to go to.   lots of people, lots of food, and lots of DIY aquarium ideas...



201 Sunset Dr, Nokomis, FL 34275-3116



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Note this is a BBQ and auction.  Auction split proceeds go to Brian to cover the cost of the BBQ.  The Tampa club and SWFMAS provide drinks.  Everything else is bring a side dish.  For those that have not attended before, it is a great event.  Starts early afternoon - ish.  Food around 330-400 ish.  Auction starts after the sun sets.  Ends when you decide to go home.


Auction is cash only.

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From the TBRC forum:


It's that time of year again. Time to go down to Nokomis and enjoy an afternoon of BBQ and mingling. This annual event is a multi-club event that has folks from all over FL coming.

For those who do not know, Brian Green is the original founder of the Tampa Bay Reef Club. There is always a huge number of people who visit each year and you do not need to be a member of any club to attend. If you need frags, this is your event. The event is large and in addition to some great food (Brian provides the entrees which are ribs and burgers) you get a tour of Brian's operation and at the close of the evening, there is a Frag Auction so bring cash(and it would be great for folks to bring smaller bills too!

The limit to sell, for frag items, is no more than 15 per person and no more than 3 of the same item. This is a big event so there are tons of folks who bring stuff.Take good pics and copy them to a USB thumb drive and bring them with you. We will have a projector on hand to use if needed.

In addition to your family, please bring a side item or dessert item to share with everyone. There is a ton of food so just one dish is fine. The TBRC will be bringing our cooler with sodas, juice and water. Any other beverages of choice are your own.


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Pics with identifiable file names and numbered as they will be listed on USB thumb drives please!







15-Purple Stylophora-small-frag-#2.jpg

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Picked up a few corals at the auction yesterday.  Tricolor favia, pinwheel zoas, blasto merlette, red robin stag and a rainbow lobo.  No clue where I am going to put them, but I got more corals!


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I got a few things last night. I had a great time. Brian out does the food as usual. Great to see everyone again.

20181111_132701 (Large).jpg

20181111_132610 (Large).jpg

20181111_132538 (Large).jpg

20181111_132553 (Large).jpg

20181111_132607 (Large).jpg

20181111_132654 (Large).jpg

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