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Free Coral, Cheap Coral, and a Great 'Buy It All' Deal

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Free Corals, Cheap Corals and a great all in one deal:

15+ frags and 5 small colonies of Palys I’ll give away for free.

5 frags of Eagle Eye zoas $1 to $5

3 small rocks with some Eagle Eye zoas for $1 to $5

3 small colonies of Little Money zoas for $3 to $5

8+ other corals: 2 green porite sps frag, small leather lettuce frag, blue ridge sps frag, 3 to 5 other zoa frags, bright orange mushroom with a baby $3 to $5

1 colony of Cinnamon Plays (20+ heads) with a small zoa population on a small rock $20


OK, here is the real deal, buy all of it, 35+ corals, for just $60

And if you are interested for $15 more I’ll add a bright colored baby rock flower anemone (born and raised in my tank). That's $75 total.

Or for $40 more a small rock with Eagle Eye zoas and 2 baby rock flower anemones (1 fluorescent orange and the other fluorescent green). That's $100 total.


Reply here at your own risk, text me at 239 699-6339 and you have a better chance getting it all!

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