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Raffle donations are starting to roll in.  We will update this post as items come in.  Note that this does not include items that the sponsors and vendors will be bringing with them.  So, items as of this posting are:


Ushio - 3 bulbs (3 winners, 1 bulb each) - Winners choice

Oceans Wonders - multiple fragging supplies (frag kit, epoxy, glue, plugs and tiles)

Two Little Fishies - Nine different Two Little Fishies products (feeder, Julian's Thing, additives/supplements, Kalk, Carbon)

Air Water & Ice - Cyclone 4 stage RO/DI unit

Reef Hobbyist Magazine - Magazines

Aqua-mags - Rock-Mag, Rock-Mag Jr., Fragmag

MASNA - 2 tickets for MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

Marineland - 2 Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filters, and some light strips

CaribSea - 40lbs LIFEROCK, CoralUp, PhosBuster

Drs Foster and Smith - $100 gift certificate

Coral Magazine - Magazines

Bulk Reef Supply - Two part Total package with dosers

Dr. Tim's - Misc. Additives

Omega Sea - Misc. Foods

Tunze - Magnet cleaner and Bacter

Rod's Foods - 5 packs of mixed frozen foods

Zoomed - External canister filter, light fixture, 3 cases of recirc pumps/powerheads

Cobalt Aquatics - mixed foods, recirc pumps and a heater

Eshopps - Premier line S120 skimmer
Real Reef - Rock Frags (new product)
Hydor - Controller, Nano Chem kits
Aqua-FX - 100GPD RODI unit

Algagen - ReefPods

Aquarium & Reptiles Center (ARC) - 5 x $20 gift certificates

Reef Nutrition

Nite-Bright - 24" x 36" canvas print

San Francisco Bay Brand

Ocean Nutrition

ME Corals

Piscine Energetics



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That is just what has arrived at my house.  Randi and I split my contact list this year. I have no idea what has been delivered to her.  I should see her tonight at the FW club meeting. I'll try to get an update and post it here. I have confirmation, but not delivered from another 10 manufacturers on my end.

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Went to the Reef Conference dinner last night and saw the amount of goodies that was on the raffle tables ands I was blown away with quantity and quality of the products.  Great job on getting sponsors to support the raffle.



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