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Getting out sale

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I will be selling all livestock and tanks as I will be getting out of the hobby for a while.  Lost all my tangs and a few other fish from the hurricane as well as 80% of my sps.  In addition my father passed away so I will be moving to his 2nd floor condo which wont take the weight of my larger tanks.


Id like to sell everything in one package for $3000.  This will include $2000 worth of lights at used value.  Easily $10000 worth of equip and livestock if purchased new.  Will sell all livestock as a package for $1000 including bounce shroom.  More pics upon request.  Call or text 941-536-5452


Livestock includes:

                 Fish- $50 for all or...

-Lg. Melanarus wrasse  $20

-Bonded pair of regular oscilarus clowns that spawn every 2 weeks -$35

-Diamond goby-$15



-whole zoa/pally collection-$400- easily over $1000 value



-xl red monti cap-$65

-leng sy cap -$45

-30lb rock with forestfire digi encrusted, 3 rockflowers, seasons greetings -$100

-lg jedi mindtrick monti-$35

-Purple&pink stylophora- $30

-Jason Fox Fox flame encrusted on rock $80

-Jedis undata monti 3.5" dia-$35

-WWC OG bounce shroom $300

Lots more.... lps bubble corals, frogspawn, hammers, jf lepto, montis, blue ridge, chalices, birdsnests


-180gal acrylic with stand, 55gal sump, rerurn pump skimmer etc.  $1000 without lights


-60 gal deep blue frag tank with 40 gal sump, mag 9 rerurn and 2 ocean revive lights.           $400


-30gal acrylic frag tank with stand, light rack, sump, pump and black box light


Tons of extras like Pro-cal calcium reactor, EcotecMP40, gyre 150,  AI hydra 52s (3), Radion g3pros (2), large sweetwater pump, powerheads, heaters, ATOs, plumbing, valves, media reactors, dosing pumps, spectrapure litermeters- basically a whole truckload of stuff I've hoarded over the years







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-Fox flame

-Leng sy cap

-Appleberry monti with Orange chalice $65

-Jedi Mindtrick monti

-Purple&pink stylo

-Jedis undata

-jason fox jackolantern lepto $50

-large red-orange cap colony

-large x-factor monti cap

-30lb. Rock with montis and rockflowers 











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On 9/18/2017 at 10:05 AM, wiszmaster said:

Sorry for the loss, just wondering, what do you attribute to the loss of your SPS?

Temp? oxygenation? nitrates?

All of the above really. I think the main problem was the dramatic ph/alk swing brought on by the loss of power and AC which had us with our windows open.  That and the fact that the tank was without any flow for 24-36 hrs.  Just too many parameters changing too quickly.

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