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Corals for sale 2.0

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Help me clear some space! Free purple cap frags or dragons breath macro algae with any purchase! Lots more stuff available that is not pictured. Not really looking to trade but if I did it would be for a torch or Acros. Call or text 941-536-5452 for questions or better pics of a particular coral. I just took quick phone pics so I know the quality is poor. Located in Cape Coral. Thanks!



Two Rockflower anemones on rock. One is purple w/ white streaks other is green w/ white streaks. Each one is larger than a golf ball when fully open. Very beautiful in person. $45 for the pair on the rock20170408_162023.jpg20170408_162835.jpg


Ricordea rock with approx 8 orange and 2 green. Nice size. $6520170408_162629.jpg20170408_162140.jpg


Setosa frag $1020170408_162410.jpg


Acan green/red/white 10 heads $3020170408_163824.jpg20170408_163657.jpg20170408_164449.jpg


Unknown Acro fully encrusted plug $1520170408_162455.jpg


Fire & Ice zoas 9polyp $2020170408_162442.jpg


Rainbow Sakura zoas 4 polyp $1520170408_162602.jpg


Cornbred Rainbow Infusions 3p $2020170408_164932.jpg


Captain America pallys $1520170408_164707.jpg


Purple Space Monster zoas $7per polyp. A few frags available 20170408_164943.jpg


Forestfire digitata frags $5-1020170408_164734.jpg


Lepto frags- Large yellow mouth $20 -Smaller orange mouth $1520170408_162319.jpg


Large stag colony (6" tall) $25 20170408_162909.jpg


Free purple monti cap. frags with any purchase20170408_162226.jpg


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