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Corals for sale!

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I'm going to reboot my 180 but I want to sell off all my corals first.  I'll post up pics as soon as I can.


I have TONS of large frogspawn colonies. The variations I have are purple and green and a "marbled" frogspawn that's green and blue.  I also have a large orange frogspawn colony as well.


If I had to guess how many total heads I have for sale per colony, I'd say a minimum of 20 heads per colony.  Ideally, I'd like to sell off the colonies as a whole, but will work with you if you want just a few heads.


$10/head for any frogspawn.


Also I have a golden torch with 5 heads. $100 takes it.


10"+ RBTA for $80


Green pocillipora large for $20


Kryptonite Green Candy Kane Acan for $50 - (has around 10 heads) ( has aiptasia on it so you'll want to clean it up before putting it in your tank)


My tank DOES HAVE AIPTASIA so make sure you know that before putting these into your displays.  THE LPS is the cleanest though so those should be fine. The aiptasia doesn't seem to like my frogspawns.


CALL ME AT 813-335-3358 OR TEXT IF INTERESTED IN ANYTHING. I don't log on here much so that's the best way to get ahold of me. The more you buy, the better the deals I'll make of course.  I just want to go minimalist and that means starting over with rockscaping etc.


Thanks for looking!

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