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SouthWest Florida Marine Aquarium Society
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Joefish Aquatics Stock List 03-08-2107

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Saltwater stock list valid after 3pm today, more fish coming tomorrow. If you want prices come on in and see what we have. 16205 S. Tamiami Trail, Ft Myers
Coral Beauty Angel
Ebili Angel
Flame Angel
Dispar Anthias
Squamipinnis Anthias
Lawnmower Blenny
Midas Blenny
Pj Cardinal
Green Chromis
Diamond Goby
Zebra Eel
Randall's Goby
Yellow Clown Goby
Yellow Goatfish
Purple Firefish
Flame Hawkfish
Dwarf Lionfish
Kole Tang
Naso Tang
Powder Blue Tang
Powder Brown Tang
Purple Tang
Sailfin Tang
Scopas Tang
Yellow Tang
Bluejaw Trigger (Male)
Niger Trigger
Harlequin Tusk
Filamentous Fairy Wrasse
Red Corris Wrasse
Sixline Wrasse
Blue leg Hermit Crab
Emerald Crab
Horseshoe Crab
Red leg Hermit Crab
Strawberry Crab
Purple Lobster
Coral Banded Shrimp
Fire/Blood Shrimp
Peppermint Shrimp
Chocolate Chip Star
Fromia Star (red)
Sand Shifting Star

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