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SouthWest Florida Marine Aquarium Society

Lots Of Corals For Sale/trade

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Call or text 941-536-5452 or email [email protected] . Located in Cape Coral


bc2d438ce5cd6ec92c87299b66b83a41.jpg Large Bubble coral $60


ed0bea03cde0fe12d93f5292d0caf9c8.jpg Small bubble $25


986e52928c58850549f2f53cf77d6269.jpg Tangerine Lepto $15


cfdcfefbd850f82968aef94111e1d006.jpg Blue Ridge $10


4ddec84cada7645dd98a79f17efe6e9a.jpg Orange Crush echinata colony $30


562c1ccc5bc93534a84c792003c73bec.jpg ORA jedi mindtrick $10


6d7d6b1e63a6966cbe080948d4b01f0d.jpg Confusa $10


241ec9e67e57912a2a0b968b10e559db.jpg Aqua Violet Confusia $10


5243af14e58a9db423246760df2de10a.jpg appleberry Danae monti $15


13e5f449b9026742e42191e08bd6cdf3.jpg Jason Fox Slowburn $20.


66be04458dff6ed958922e3abf281931.jpg Tricolor $15


98ba4e9b3cf692b21fb50fb91f44eaa7.jpg Unknown Stag $15


a2caea6755a12afa35781ff836abdbd7.jpg ORA Kelly green psamacora $10


39012c6ae54ac7c796e9f5b686ec72f2.jpg Seasons Greetings monti $10


a40bb044006c64a539d3685c832d543c.jpg Red Dragon $15


05e61813f13a37b25f7a845696c43b10.jpg pink birdsnest mini colonys $10-20


dfbf4c2d74660911223c3cbdafbd19c7.jpg Jason Fox jack-o-lantern lepto $10- $25 ($15 pictured)


32fb3f06cfa4ec5027a082dd7efddc69.jpg Hammer 4 heads $25


c2f3308305147a72ce0e863d7420a937.jpg Duncan colony about 20 heads $65 or frags of 3 heads for $20


6b60fabe49cd33e67fe2ee899e28d159.jpg Superman mushrooms $5 ea


06a559497fca5299be55907bb8789b78.jpg XL Tricolor pocillipora colony $45


dd789aff311dbf2af27168c4bc153402.jpg Lots of frags to be cut


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