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SouthWest Florida Marine Aquarium Society

Carol (Ckeiling) Auction List

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1. Zoanthids, Orange lashes, purple with green mouth


2. Mixed zoanthid frag, reserve $10


3. Zoanthids, purple lashes, green ring and purple mouth


4. Zoanthids, purple lashes, green ring and purple mouth


5. Zoathids, Kedd Redds


6. Zoathids, Kedd Redds


7. Green Tort, reserve $10


8. Zoanthids, purple lashes, blue with orange mouth


9. Mohawks


10. Mohawks


11. Mohawks


12. Zoanthids, Rastas, reserve $20


13. Orange Yuma, reserve $15


14. Nuclear Fallout People Eaters, Reserve $15


15. Cloves


16. Zoanthids, Tubbs Blue, reserve $10


17. Zoanthids, Gorilla Nipples


18. Zoanthids, Gorilla Nipples


19. Tricolor Pocillipora


20. Tricolor Pocillipora


21. Zoanthids, Neon Eyes


22. Zoanthids, Neon Eyes


23. Mushroom Pack, reserve $15


24. Toxic Pie Chalace


25. Toxic Pie Chalace


26. Zoanthids, Whammin Watermelons


27. Zoanthids, Whammin Watermelons


28. Zoanthids, Tubbs Blue, reserve $10


29. Rhodactis Mushroom, Mulicolor, reserve $10


30. Rhodactis Mushroom, Mulicolor, reserve $10


31. Blue Ridge Coral


32. Leather Colony, reserve $15


33. Green Colt Leather, reserve $15


34. Zoanthids, Neon green lashes with purple body


35. Zoanthids, Neon green lashes with purple body



Pics to follow

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Here are my pics.


post-4183-053516100 1459602712_thumb.jpg


post-4183-088177700 1459602713_thumb.jpg


post-4183-040442700 1459602715_thumb.jpg


post-4183-073926200 1459602716_thumb.jpg


post-4183-098738200 1459602717_thumb.jpg


post-4183-011654500 1459602719_thumb.jpg


post-4183-022097000 1459602720_thumb.jpg


post-4183-037189500 1459602721_thumb.jpg


post-4183-058188800 1459602722_thumb.jpg


post-4183-094238000 1459602723_thumb.jpg


post-4183-013556600 1459602737_thumb.jpg


post-4183-068267800 1459602738_thumb.jpg


post-4183-090514300 1459602739_thumb.jpg


post-4183-001356300 1459602741_thumb.jpg


post-4183-021855900 1459602742_thumb.jpg


post-4183-075435000 1459602743_thumb.jpg


post-4183-016566400 1459602745_thumb.jpg


post-4183-028901600 1459602746_thumb.jpg


post-4183-048373900 1459602747_thumb.jpg


post-4183-058374400 1459602748_thumb.jpg


post-4183-043776400 1459602762_thumb.jpg


post-4183-068423900 1459602763_thumb.jpg


post-4183-075699800 1459602764_thumb.jpg


post-4183-079386000 1459602765_thumb.jpg


post-4183-077084600 1459602766_thumb.jpg


post-4183-086115600 1459602767_thumb.jpg


post-4183-068236400 1459602768_thumb.jpg


post-4183-079499800 1459602769_thumb.jpg


post-4183-034894800 1459602771_thumb.jpg


post-4183-066003500 1459602772_thumb.jpg


post-4183-008651000 1459602782_thumb.jpg


post-4183-046742400 1459602783_thumb.jpg


post-4183-071531300 1459602784_thumb.jpg


post-4183-005617500 1459602786_thumb.jpg


post-4183-041986500 1459602787_thumb.jpg

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Glad you like it. I just love those mushrooms. :rolleyes:/> It was a great day. I had a fantastic time, I hope you did too.

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