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Eric Noa

Eric’s Auction Coral Registration Thread

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Picture will be posted in a week or so.


1. Purple Cap No Minimum

2. Purple Cap $5 Minimum

3. Purple Cap $5 Minimum

4. Fruitloops (5 polyps) $35 Minimum

5. Blue tip Polaris Acro No Minimum

6. Sunny Ds (3 polyps) No Minimum

7. Lunar Eclipse (8 polyps) No Minimum

8. RBTA w/green base 3" $25 Minimum

9. Eagle Eye (20+ polyps) No Minimum

10. Red Hornets (3 polyps) $15 Minimum

11. WWC Hella Berries (4 Polyps) $20 Minimum

12. Rastas (6 polyps) $20 Minimum

13. Jason Fox Special Porites $10 Minimum

14. Jason Fox Special Porites $10 Minimum

15. WWC Purple Monster (3 polyps) $20 Minimum

16. WWC Jingle Bells Cyphastrea $10 Minimum

17. WWC Jingle Bells Cyphastrea $10 Minimum

18. FHC Freak of Nature $10 Minimum

19. WWC Bob Marleys (8+ polyps) No Minimum

20. Everlasting Bobstopers (3 polyps) No Minimum

21. WWC Pink Krakatoas (2 polyps) $45 Minimum

22. Candy Apple Green (8+ polyps) No Minimum

23. Blue Digi No Minimum

24. Neon Red Digi No Minimum

25. Unnamed sps No Minimum

26. Green Digi No Minimum

27. Yellow Tort No Minimum

28. Birds of Paradise No Minimum

29. WWC Purple Polyp Birds Nest $15 Minimum

30. Mango Milli $15 Minimum

31. WWC Yellow Tip $15 Minimum

32. Tyree Pink Lemonade $20 Minimum

33. Jason Fox Sour Twist $25 Minimum

34. WWC Dragon Slayer $55 Minimum

35. Purple Tip Hammer (10+ heads) $25 Minimum

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Eric, no pictures at all. Really? You have the most high class stuff and no photos...


Even if you are late to get them in for the auction, you could at least get them posted here so we can see what we are bidding for. Right?


There's only about 10 to 12 different corals you have listed that I'd bid on! wink.gif

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Boo. But wait until next year when he starts fragging all the sticks he's been buying up!!!

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Guys I want to apologize for removing myself from the auction but over the last few days I have lost 3 small colonies and few others are not looking too good. I have not been able to figure out what's causing this. For this reason I decided to not take any frags to the auction because I want to take frags that are 100% healthy and with the current situation I'm not sure how they will be on two weeks. If I can figure out what's going on and everything pulls through I will list the frags I have cut in about a month.

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Eric, sorry to hear that you are having an issue. But I think we all appreciate the fact that you recognize it and do the right thing. I was so looking forward to seeing the frags and bidding on many of them. Good luck. Allow me to say that when you are ready to start selling, let me know and I'll drive over, pick up my fish trap (assuming you are done with it) and I'd love to buy a few frags! wink.gif

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I applaud your honesty and caring .. posted the same time you did it looks like. Will be waiting for your post!

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