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Poker Run Idea

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I saw that a club on the other coast was having a Poker Run tour yesterday that we might be able to "adopt" this year. The first stop was announced and when you got to that store you were given a card and the next stores name and address and on an on until you reached the end. The end could be at someones house or the last store on the tour. It could also work on the tour of homes. Either donations for prizes or just "bragging rights" could be the reward. Just an idea to spice things up!

Any thoughts?

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This is an exerpt from the Tour of Aquariums



We will be playing the poker run game again this year for paid club members. At each stop a card will be issued (one per membership). At the final stop, each player will receive an additional card to make a hand of 5 cards. No trading of cards is allowed. Cards will be marked to verify you have your original cards. The player with the best hand will win a prize.




1st One Free entry to RC + $20 in dry goods raffle tickets (1 sheet).

2nd $20 in dry goods raffle tickets (1 sheet).

3rd $10 in dry goods raffle tickets (1/2 sheet).

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Our board usually gives plenty of heads up for the meetings. Maybe you can get a Saturday off if you have enough notice. The tour is aquariums is good event to see some other tanks from club members and get some ideas for your own tanks. The food and get together at the end was a lot of fun. Our poker hand was the worst so we didn't get any prizes. Maybe this year they'll give a prize to the worst hand as a consolation prize

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