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Sale @ Joefish Grand Opening

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Saturday September 5th is the official GRAND OPENING SALE


JOEFISH AQUATICS 229 N. DEL PRADO (across from Racetrack Gas Station) This is one you won't want to miss........


DRAWING Your choice of one free "frag" (need not be present to win, limited to in stock frags, must choose from items mounted on a 1" frag plug)

20% Off All Dry Foods (includes: Ocean nutrition, New Era, New Life Spectrum, and others)

20% Off All Algagen products like Rotifers, Pods, Coral Smoothie, etc.

BOGO Ocean Nutrition frozen brine shrimp and Ocean Nutrition frozen Mysis (limit 4 free of each item)

15% off any special order of items not in stock.

Livestock Specials To be announced on site they will be more amazing than our every day low prices.


Prices listed are just what we have coming in for Thursday.

Plenty more already in stock, and everything is on sale for even less on Saturday.

We will not hold anything this week, first come first served.


Rusty Angel $25

Coral Beauty Angel $20

Flame Angel LG $50

Pearlscale Butterfly $25

Copperband Butterfly $30

Black Bar Chromis $5

Lawnmower Blenny $12

Black Sailfin Blenny $16

Yellow Clown Goby $8

Green Clown Goby $8

Diamond Goby $19

Firefish Goby $8

Purple Firefish Goby $20

Scissortail Goby $12

Yellow Watchman Goby $10

Mandarin Goby (Jumbo) $20 <-- Biggest in town

Ruby Red Dragonette $20

Red Emperor Snapper $30

Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish $25

Sharpnose Puffer $9

Kole Tang $29

Sailfin Tang $22

Yellow Tang $25

Blue Hippo Tang (tiny) $18 <--They're back

Banggai Cardinal $12

PJ Cardinal $10

Longnose Hawkfish $29

Green Coris Wrasse $18

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