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Hello Everyone,


I just moved down to Naples from Madison, WI. I've been in the hobby for 2 years now and have worked in an aquaculture facility and a local fish shop. I must say that I am strongly addicted to keeping corals and love clownfish and anemones. I'm probably going to be setting up a tank soon, hopefully a 60cube or something similar. First I need to cure my rock that I've dried before moving. If anyone has a few pieces they would like to sell or part with that would be awesome! Also, what are some opinions on the local fish shops in the Naples area? Fort Myers? I see that this club has monthly meetings so I'll probably try to catch some of you at a meeting so I can get to know some more people down here!


While I'm at it, I'm also looking around for new employment. I've noticed there's not much in this industry in the near by area, but if anyone knows of any fish stores or aquarium maintenance companies looking for some help, I'd appreciate any information!


Can't wait to get things up and running. Happy Reefing!



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Hi Rich,

Welcome to SW Florida and to SWFMAS. I'm about an hour north of you, in Cape Coral. I have some frags in the frag tank that are for sale and I'm in the process of fragging corals in my 180g mixed reef because the corals are starting to grow into each other. Almost anybody who has bought coral from me will tell you that I'm not out to make a profit. You'd probably find the road trip worth the time.


BTW, a friend I use to race sports cars with lives in Madison, WI, his name is PD Cunningham and he races in the Pirelli World Challange Series.

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Welcome to Naples Rich...you're going to like the winters here a little more than Madison!


I am in Naples and willing to help when/if needed as much as possible. Glad to have another Naples aquarist on the forum. As to the local stores, you have two choices in Naples, Barrier Reef at Pine Ridge and Livingston, and Fish Central on Davis Blvd. Somewhat close is Saltwater Solutions, which is on Bonita Beach Road in Bonita Springs. Ignore Google, these are the only options I'm aware of down here.


Your timing is good as far as monthly meetings. The August 15th meeting is actually a tour of the local fish stores, starting in Naples and ending in Ft. Myers. Look here for details: http://www.swfmas.com/forum/index.php?/topic/11054-tour-of-stores/. A good opportunity for you to make your own evaluations.


Check the sale threads under "Market Place" here on SWFMAS as I think a few folks are trying to move some live rock. If I had any to offer as a welcome present, I would!


Anyway, there are a lot of great guys/gals on this site with a wealth of knowledge, so do not hesitate to ask questions. This group has been a great help to me having only been dealing with this addiction for a little over a year.

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It was nice meeting you when you stopped in the store. I think you will find the group here is a great resource and they are always willing to help out a fellow hobbyist. My Cape Coral store opens in a week and we are already staffed in both of our locations. I do have some things in the works right now and I will keep you in mind if anything develops over the next few months.


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