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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, looking for led’s. I have an 80 gallon rimless and would most likely need 2 lights. Please let me know if you have anything. Thanks!
  2. For sale 90 gal tank - stand and hood - sump - Coral Life skimmer - auto top off - Radion Gen 2 LED lights (2 sets) - misc. pumps, fans, water testers, and other hobby related supplies. This tank has been humming along for years but we are getting out of the hobby. We are shutting the tank down this weekend 11/30 through 12/2/2018. Many thousands invested - will sell all for $1000 or best reasonable offer. Sorry for the short notice! Call Alan @ 239-405-4143 or email........ [email protected]
  3. USED Lifereef Sump/Refugium/Calcium Reactor for sale This was custom made to fit into a cabinet below a 150 gallon tank. It is about 5 years old. Worked great! I can sell sump/refugium/calcium reactor separately or together. (Total $550) (Separate: Sump with dual reactors $200) (Separate: Calcium Reactor Group $300) (Seperate: Refugium $150) This picture brand new. Today Sump for 150 Gallon Tank Dual pvc inlets Bio Ball chamber/rubble Media Reactor Pump/Skimmer pump chamber Main Pump chamber Dual reactors with valves Probe holders Bulk head/pvc for external skimmer (have Aqua C ev) Bulk head/pvc for refugium tank connection main pump not included (mag 18) pump not included for reactors (think it was a 5) 20" tall x 23" wide x 13" deep For sale $200. Calcium Reactor Goodies LCR1 calcium reactor for up to 300 gallon reef tank. (retails $469) Quick Dis-connectors (retail $55) (makes changing out media easier) pH probe mount incorporated into reactor (retail $36) (probe not included) CO2 aluminum tank (retail $99) CO2 Dual gauge with solenoid and needle valve (retail $144) (very nice and solenoid works great!) Built in pump works great! FREE: extra media and extra CO2 tank (extra tank comes in handy so you always have a reserve when you run out) Total retail value new $803. www.lifereef.com For sale $300. I have changed to dosing 2 part, that is reason I am selling. Refugium Acrylic clear front and black sides/back PVC inlet and outflow Holds about 10 gallons 18" tall x 14" wide x 13" deep Has a light included For sale $150. Please text or email 239-213-8175 [email protected]
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