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  1. Forgot to add prices. Thermosphere-300 Fairy farts -40 Darwins- 50 Buttmuncher -50 Krak gods- 100 Highlighters- 40 per head Og bounce baby- 300 per
  2. Sbb thermosphere Fairy farts Darwin vamps Buttmuncher Krak gods 3 highlighter torches 2 double 1 single 1 possibly 2 og bounce babies for the right price Cash or trade for items i don't have Located port Charlotte 941-623-6937 Drew
  3. Cotton candy, indo green and one highlighter sold.
  4. I'm needing to clear space in the tanks, tons of zoas high to low end. Some shrooms, mostly bounces, some reg non bounce. Torches, Hammers Drew 941-740-0367 Port Charlotte
  5. Burning Embers -40pp Wwc purple monsters -20pp Sakura sunrise-5pp RPE- 10pp Blue hornets- 10pp Queen strats 10 pp Daisy cutters-10pp Sonic flares-20 pp Highlighter torches 40 per head (Singles and double available) "Cotton candy" double- 140 Indo green double- 100 Branching hammer - 20 per head All frags were cut months ago and are ready to move need to clear some space. Will trade for other zoas and corals
  6. I'm looking for new sump for my 80g. Would prefer a low style for more turnover. Fuge section is preferred but not necessary. Lmk what you got. 941-740-0367
  7. 1 buttkisser gone 1 awesome blossom gone 1 money shot gone. Thanks todd. Enjoy them
  8. Thanks man, I appreciate it. I'm able to negotiate on some polyps.
  9. Hows it going everyone, I'm looking to sell off a few extra of my high end / collector zoas to fund some updates needed around the house. I know its probably a longshot but here it goes. CB Money Shot 2p available 75$ (each) JF Asskraks 2p available 100$ (each) JF Bloodshot 1p available 150$ SBB Thermosphere 1p available 700$ SBB Oscar the Grouch 1p available 400$ SBB Hephaestus 1p available 600$ Grand Master Krakatoa 1p available 300$ Awesome Blossom 1p available 150$ (FYI these are micro zoas if you havent seen them in person) NYRA Little Shop of Horror 1p available 300$ GB buttkisser 3p available 50$ (each) Thanks for looking everybody I will accept trades on some polyps Interests are other high end zoas, high end montis, high end chalices, high end torches. Some pics are multiples and some singles. Located Port Charlotte. Text only 941-740-0367 Drew (Will update Awesome Blossom pics when they aren't pissed)
  10. I need to clear some overgrown frags. Ready to go are True Red PE's 10pp Black PE's 10pp Magicians 10pp WWC Purple monsters 15pp Pink diamonds 10pp Queen strats 20pp Frozen apples 15pp Yodas 20pp Sakura sunrise 10pp A couple space chaos 50pp A couple buttkisser 50pp Jungle juice 5pp CB moneyshot -50pp Og utter chaos $5pp multiples available I also have a couple bounce mushrooms that can go as well. 1 sunkist (1.5-2") 125 1 no name purple -(1.5/2") 75 1 no name green (1")- 75 1 "hulk" (1.5") -75 Must plugs are multiples only sakura sunrise are 1 polyp per plug. I can do package and discounts I just generalized the prices according. Located in Port Charlotte 941-740-0367 Cash mainly, or trade for some montis, chalices, or other zoas I do not have .
  11. For sure shoot me a text when you can 941-740-03six,seven
  12. Looking to pick up another frag tank. A 40 breeder or 50 lowboy that are drilled would be ideal but open to other options. Located in port Charlotte.
  13. Looking for a ATO kit that can handle 60g. Located in port Charlotte
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