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  1. Hey Kylebeano, Sorry to hear that your taking a break from reefing, but congratulations on a new home! 😃 WooHoo! You have quiet a knack for this hobby and know that you will be back in once your settled. I completely understand the attachment to certain corals and wanting the best for them in their future homes. Only for you, I can commit to housing in my DT, 1-2 of your most favorite coral (whatever is dear to you) until you restart a tank, then they are yours again. If i were in your shoes, I would want a safe temporary housing in a friend's tank for a neon frogspawn and a piece of Cornbred atomicfireball. lol PM me if your interested. Wen
  2. Hi Chris, do you happen to have a purple slimer? Thanks, Wendy
  3. Looks like you need a bigger tank, love all your corals! Wen
  4. I am searching for large yongei stag frags (not Bali Slimmer)....blue, purple, other? Thank you.
  5. I am happy to entertain offers on the Lifereef equipment.
  6. USED Lifereef Sump/Refugium/Calcium Reactor for sale This was custom made to fit into a cabinet below a 150 gallon tank. It is about 5 years old. Worked great! I can sell sump/refugium/calcium reactor separately or together. (Total $550) (Separate: Sump with dual reactors $200) (Separate: Calcium Reactor Group $300) (Seperate: Refugium $150) This picture brand new. Today Sump for 150 Gallon Tank Dual pvc inlets Bio Ball chamber/rubble Media Reactor Pump/Skimmer pump chamber Main Pump chamber Dual reactors with valves Probe holders Bulk head/pvc for external skimmer (have Aqua C ev) Bulk head/pvc for refugium tank connection main pump not included (mag 18) pump not included for reactors (think it was a 5) 20" tall x 23" wide x 13" deep For sale $200. Calcium Reactor Goodies LCR1 calcium reactor for up to 300 gallon reef tank. (retails $469) Quick Dis-connectors (retail $55) (makes changing out media easier) pH probe mount incorporated into reactor (retail $36) (probe not included) CO2 aluminum tank (retail $99) CO2 Dual gauge with solenoid and needle valve (retail $144) (very nice and solenoid works great!) Built in pump works great! FREE: extra media and extra CO2 tank (extra tank comes in handy so you always have a reserve when you run out) Total retail value new $803. www.lifereef.com For sale $300. I have changed to dosing 2 part, that is reason I am selling. Refugium Acrylic clear front and black sides/back PVC inlet and outflow Holds about 10 gallons 18" tall x 14" wide x 13" deep Has a light included For sale $150. Please text or email 239-213-8175 [email protected]
  7. The price is $100. I am having a hard time posting the pictures.
  8. Hi Charlie, I will call you today regarding the biocube. Thanks, Wendy
  9. Thank you for the reply and the offer to use your PAR meter test. I have raised the % slightly and the Jedi Mind Trick is coloring up great! The wall frogspawn is extending nicely, eating...but still light yellow/transparent. I'll ask the LFS about anyone in the area who has a PAR meter. Thanks for the info.
  10. Looking for a used 14 gallon Bio cube aquarium for a high school marine biology class. Please contact me if you have one for sale or to donate to the school. Thank you!
  11. 60 Gallon tank, cabinet, canopy, sump, glass tops and pump for sale. 7 year old system. 60 gallon aquarium, few scratches on glass. 15 gallon sump, three chambers, small repair. 1 year old return pump, works great. Glass tops, fair condition. Cabinet and Canopy painted grey. T-12 lights that need replaced. Livestock and skimmer, not included. Currently in a Naples, high school.
  12. Thanks for the advice, I will cut back the UV.
  13. Thanks for your reply. Do you have a mixed reef? Here is what I have settings at now: 11:00 am ramping up 2 hours to: UV 11% V 44% RY 50% B 50% G 12% DR 15% CW 26% (LFS said to keep red and green % lower due to unwanted algae growth) They ramp down 1 hour to 8 pm then: B 2% RY 2% until 11 pm. The Orphek LEDs to the human eye were VERY bright white...this AI setting looks so dim, but I believe the unhappy corals are reacting to one of those colors being too bright.
  14. The Orpheks were great lights, I sold them on eBay. Reason for change was to play with colors, ability to dim, ability for dawn-dusk lighting, ability to monitor and control from wi-fi... also, the units began losing a row of LEDs...in order. Each repair cost $100 + week without lights and there were 8 rows to go out. So I put the $ into new lights. Orphek was great with customer service and repairs. My last Orphek Pr 72 is on eBay now, auction up tomorrow.
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