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  1. Ive got green birds nest frags, they are slightly thicker branches with redish tint under the green polyps.
  2. I have 3 Aquaillumination EXT extension rails for sale. Use to hang 4 hydra52hds. No charge for the dust, lol, will clean them off for ya. $20
  3. Selling a 20gal IM Nuvo with screen top and sicce pump. Used 2 years, good condition, minor damage to black vinyl on back, pump could use good scrub $150
  4. I have a used AI Prime with a 12" flex arm in black. Used on a 30gal long. Probably 3 yrs old? I replaced the fan 1 yr ago. Works pretty good, although it occasionally will shut off for few minutes and then come back on... $75
  5. Selling Tank, Stand, Sump, Canopy and Shadow Box 8 year old 150 gal marine land tank, drilled dual overflows, good condition, 72" x 18" x 28". You also get the cabinet which houses a dual Trigger System Sapphire 26 sumps and a light canopy that is vented and braces to wall. There is also a custom made shadow box behind the tank lit by t5s. Located in Naples. PM me for more details $500 (currently running empty with live sand)
  6. Have done in past. Now I’m unable to open the selling forum.
  7. Hi, why am I not allowed to list something for sale? i have in the past with no problems. Thank you,
  8. Hey Robb1, were you able to locate a par meter? I am looking for one to rent or borrow as well. Thank you.
  9. Hey Kylebeano, Sorry to hear that your taking a break from reefing, but congratulations on a new home! 😃 WooHoo! You have quiet a knack for this hobby and know that you will be back in once your settled. I completely understand the attachment to certain corals and wanting the best for them in their future homes. Only for you, I can commit to housing in my DT, 1-2 of your most favorite coral (whatever is dear to you) until you restart a tank, then they are yours again. If i were in your shoes, I would want a safe temporary housing in a friend's tank for a neon frogspawn and a piece of Cornbred atomicfireball. lol PM me if your interested. Wen
  10. Hi Chris, do you happen to have a purple slimer? Thanks, Wendy
  11. Looks like you need a bigger tank, love all your corals! Wen
  12. I am searching for large yongei stag frags (not Bali Slimmer)....blue, purple, other? Thank you.
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