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  1. Did everything sell?

    1. FishHead85


      All I have left is the rock



    2. FishHead85


      Yes selling the equipment now. 

  2. Jpfaubel, have you found a chiller yet?
  3. Wouldn't you know, Joefish to have a couple Harlequins' come in. Great store and people!
  4. Anyone have a Harlequin shrimp or pair of them? Have a problem with asterina starfish eating my zoas. I know that they feed only on stars and will starve once the asterinas are gone.
  5. I see that Santa Monica is a sponsor here. Any advice in using their products?
  6. Depends on the day, iphone, ipad, computer. Start at the home page, then I make my way from the top down looking at the forum posts (turning the orange fish gray). Really need to change myself to a paying member and get more involved (life is busy).
  7. Are you available today to pick up the eheim compact +?
  8. The smaller return pumps, are they dc as well?
  9. Eric, A few questions if you have the time. 1. What do you have your house set at? 2. Aside from heaters, what are you heat sources (lights, return pump, skimmer, wave makers etc....) 3. Is your tank and open top? Reason I am asking is, I would like to not run a chiller. "Seeing" what components I could change out to have my tank run cooler. Thanks in advance! Robert
  10. When would you be available, interested in the eheim compact +
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