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  1. Count me in 2 adults, and a 14 year old? so 3 Adults, 3 Tours. This is perfect, we were trying to figure out what to do during the day since I have to be at the Bay Pines Va later that day lol.
  2. Hey Ron hows it going? Long time no see. I moved out here to the cape now too! still have any duncans or hammers left? would like to start throwing corals into the 125 I got. just have some gsp in it.. I can pass by thursday if youre free
  3. I might be able to take this off your hands on thursday if I can find a truck, I ive in cape too
  4. If you still have some snowflake, waving hand and lace palys, I'll take some.
  5. That website says they did the coral inserts. I know that ATM built the peanut shaped tanked in the bar area I figured they would have built the other two tanks
  6. didn't the guys from ATM do their tanks? they even have them in their opening sequence
  7. Hey Ron, Can I pass by tomorrow to get some more frags from you? I still gotta get some more rock if you know anyone
  8. Ron ok if I pass by tomorrow to see what you got? Did you drag some of the frogspawn?
  9. =/ no I was hoping to go get some shrimp
  10. anybody going out there tomorrow or sunday?
  11. Hi Aaron, how much do you have left? I live in ft myers too if I can pass by tomorrow and pick some up
  12. Bought a lot of coral yesterday from Ron. Awesome tanks and great guy! Cant wait til you frag some of those in the display tank! Thanks again!
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