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  1. Hello Everyone. This show will be awesome I hope to see you all there.
  2. This will be the biggest and most attended frag swap at the IGFA ever!!!!! Don't miss it.
  3. I'll be donating to the raffle a zoa frag pack so be ready. 4 or 5 different zoas from here
  4. Patrolling the SWFMAS pages I see ...... :blink:/>/> I'm everywhere lol
  5. Nice pictures. It would be nice if credit was given to the photographer
  6. My first macna. It will be awesome especially with a bunch of friends there.
  7. Thanks. I will actually be around 8th st and Randall. Just east of Wilson if your familiar with the area. At the very end of 8th st which is 10th ave ne. Im also starting to put feelers out for a tank. Looking to upgrade from my 80 gal to something substantially larger. Something preferably 200gal + and with cubish proportions, similar to the marineland Deep Dimensions so if you come across something please let me know. time to give me all your zoas before you move!
  8. I go to tampa at least once a month i can give you a lot on my next trip.
  9. you missed the swap? I had a few goodies
  10. Thanks guys it was very nice meeting a lot of you.
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