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  1. Oh yeah, I was going to ask $200 unless someone was buying it with the tanks and stand then I'd do it all for $650.
  2. I don't have an out of box picture, its literally still in the original packaging. The sump is a RS-75 not the current generation but the last version with dimensions of 18x10x16.
  3. I have a brand new 60 gallon rimless cube from Marineland with stand that I purchased as an upgrade tank but have decided to go another path. My loss your gain! The stand is typical brown grain MDF. The tank is reef ready plumbed. Asking $500 for both tank and stand. I also have Eshopps sump that fits in the stand that is new in box and would be willing to part with as well.
  4. RSVP Longtime listener, first time caller Derek will be attending the tour. The BBQ list looks pretty complete what can I bring?
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