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  1. My tanks never have had heaters last night they were down to 55 inside my house , everything doing good still. Other then my anemone shredding him self in power head last night
  2. When we made them at nextreef there was a sticker that said not dishwasher safe.I have one I put on mine to remind me
  3. 2 Peperment just wiped out the aspasia in my gulf tank
  4. Come up to Charlotte county near Englewood beach funds the rocks n your well find them
  5. Can that stuff be blowed off with a turkey baster? My lil tank with the a stage of somthing like that. Blew it all off then used a bucket 2 large pump n a filter sock
  6. Yup it will once it starts out will take out over in no time
  7. Our store seems to mess up prices of fish after sales for a few days, easy way to grab a deal
  8. I have bought lots of fish from that petco n one had one tangn clown vanish. They're must be a problem with how you are introducing them into your tank or some aggression issues your not seeing once the lights goes out. At that petco in pc all the of they're saltwater systems use diff sumps so they are not connected all together.. the way I buy fish n stuff from there is the day it all come in Thursday. I'll come in and look at them after they just UN packed them, then come back next day n look at the fish I want if still swimming n active n looks good, home they come
  9. Live pods and rotifers , you adding a culture setup would be nice, not the ones in the bags for 14 bux
  10. Reports of only the freshwater fish building burning killing 6000 fish, suposely tank n saltwater fish building survived
  11. That thing looks great, can't wate to see it full
  12. Looks good, how high does the water come up when the pump is off?
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