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  1. Are these ok with starfish and shrimp?
  2. Reef addict


    Ricordia I got from Jeff!
  3. Would you sell the return pump and the power heads separately? Thanks
  4. I'd like 2 rics and 4 Duncan's if you have any left. I can come to the cape tomorrow. You can text me 239-994-2750. Thanks
  5. I sent you a PM did you get it? I'm interested in the tank either way.
  6. Hey can you call me sometime today. I lost your phone number.
  7. Hey there! I came and looked at your tank before. I'll take the the tank and chiller! I can get it next weekend. But I'll get you the money this week! Thamks
  8. Check this out [email protected]?subject=FRAG%20TANKS%20*%20REFUGIUMS%20*%20FRAG%20TANKS%20*%20REFUGIUMS%20*%20CHEAP!!!!%20(STANDARD%20OR%20CUSTOM%20SIZES)&body=%0A%0Ahttp%3A%2F%2Fmiami.craigslist.org%2Fbrw%2Ffor%2F3801390727.html%0A
  9. TSP. You can get it at ace or lowes, Mix it a little more concentrated than the directions, use gloves! Let it sit for about an hour and rinse it off. You shouldn't have to do much sanding, if any at all. I use it all the time for furniture, because I'm lazy and don't want to strip or sand. It works great! Make sure you get in the cracks good. Actual name is trisodium phosphate. Don't use it anywhere you don't want surfaced affected, like stained concrete or any type of stone/tile that's been sealed, because when you rinse, the run off can take the finish off. Good luck!
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