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  1. I own the AI SOL Ssuper Blues and I absolutly love them. I went from Dual 250w MH with 4 t-5 Actinics and the AIs blew my old fixture out of the water. The AIs are the only light system that I have ever seen regenerate an open brain coral and brought it back with vengence. I love the different settings with the AIs and the are upgradeable.
  2. Thanks for a quick reply. I have tried the gravel in the center, so I think im going to make a mold for dome topped frag plugs and cast them. Lol I was hoping for an easier solution. But domed zoanthids are absolutely beautiful in a nano tank.
  3. Does anyone have any tips on getting zoanthids to dome shape on round frag plugs? Iv'e seen this done at fish stores and I have been trying to recreate the effect with no luck in doing so. Do I need a dome shape topped frag plug?
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