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  1. 8)/>/> sucks to loose a friend 8)/>/> sorry for your loss
  2. I got mine from buckeye fields supply - I'm extremely happy with it the quality is great. I had a lot of questions like you Russ helped me out and even informed me that lee county water has chloramines which required a special carbon block to remove the chloramines. Overall their customer service and ability to answer all my questions sold me!
  3. Love Eheim had one for years. They are super quiet I loved it! The mags are a bit noisy.
  4. Holy crap! Bobbit worm! I just read a thread on them scary creatures! The females bite off the males penis after mating to feed it to the young. They eat corals if you got that in your tank you gotta get it out!
  5. Ron you are invited to help document :(/>/>
  6. MadReefer Im in Ft. Myers, Briarcliff area. I would love a helping hand especially if I go the solder route :(/>/> Maybe we can take pics and document the build to help others on this forum out :(/>/>
  7. Thanks 180reefer I did some research and cool white is reccomended. Neutral white is suggested to have only 1 in a string of 12 LEDs. Warm white is not reccomended for a reef tank. It's a good choice for a planted tank or a refugium. Blue and Royal blue reccomended. Green and teal are reccomended to give corals a healthier color look. Red, orange or amber only one and dimmed to about 30% or not used at all. - these colors are said to promote algae growth - however some corals actually feed off this color (Usually found in shallower waters). Uv will give your corals a great pop. - here is the article if anyone would like to read it. I found it to be pretty informative. http://www.reefs.com/blog/2012/06/04/diy-your-hobby-new-color-choices-for-diy-led-lights/ I'm getting closer to ordering my DIY kit! Ok Who wants to help me build it??? Lol!!
  8. That's a great idea! I'm really interested in raising them. We should all brainstorm a plan. When I first saw these clowns I fell in love with them but knew I couldn't spend that kind of money on a couple of fish. My husband knew I wanted them and convinced me it would be ok and to get them... I jokingly said... When they have fry I'll sell them and pay the savings account back lol! So I guess my chance is now here lol!
  9. I would love to try and raise the fry - maybe in the future when I finally finish my new tank build. Right now there is just too much going on :(/>/> no time.
  10. I'm so excited its their first spawn. I've had this pair for about 3 years, since they were juveniles. It makes me feel like a proud momma! Just wanted to share. Sorry if the pic is a bit blurry but I wanted to show you their eggs. Funny thing is she laid them all on the corner of the glass aquarium.
  11. I would love to see a pic Charlie. I don't think I've ever been to punta gorda. 180 Reefer totally agree I would love to use diff color lights. I'm still doing research it just seems that I keep finding more options and more "right ways to do it" it's so hard to make a decision.
  12. They suggested 60 degree lens or an 80 degree lens.
  13. Optics? Is that the same as lenses?
  14. Dimentions of tank are 7x2x2 - 210 gal
  15. Yes the drivers will be dim-able. Ok 2:1 blue to white ratio - another question - what size heat sink? How do I choose that?
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