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  1. Hey guys, My wife and I have decided it's time to remodel our house. Phase 1 will be the kitchen, living room, and dining room. Unfortunately, my aquarium is right in the middle of all of this. We estimate that all of the renovations will take about a year, so rather than put this stuff into storage, I'm going to sell it, and then revisit the reef idea when the house is done. I'd prefer to sell this as a package, as we want to start doing demo work next weekend. So I don't really have time to let people come pick it all apart. Equipment: RJ Enterprises "Empire Oak" stand and canopy for 90G glass aquarium 90G aquarium with beananimal overflow (The tank was built by one of the other forum members) Eshopps R300 sump/refugium Neptune Apex aquacontroller with EB8 module 2 RW8 pumps, one brand new in box 1 Jebao DC12000 return pump 1 Reefbreeders Photon 32" programmable LED mounted in canopy Life: 1 One Spot Foxface 1 True Percula clown 1 clownfish (I can't remember the name, but he's black and white. I want to say onyx clown, but I could be wrong) Assorted Ricordia (4 plugs, all but 1 have multiple heads) 1 torch (standard green w/ purple tips) 1 Galaxy coral (He's not doing well, see note below) Misc: 80+ pounds of live rock 80+ pounds of live sand 1 Bag of salt assorted chemicals, additives, plumbing parts, connectors, adapters, food, etc NOTE: My poor tank has been neglected recently. As a result, my galaxy coral isn't doing so well. He can recover, but he's the main reason I've decided to get out temporarily. between work, reno, school, and everything else going on, I just don't have the time to care for the tank the way I should, and it's not cool to see my friends suffering as a result. So, it's a difficult decision to make, but I think I'm making the right call, here. I'd like to get $1,500 for everything. I have that just in the stand, canopy, and lights. you're getting a nice sump/refugium, AND apex for that price. I'll try to upload pictures tomorrow, but they will be taken with a cellphone, so it probably won't be good quality. Also, as I mentioned, I'm crazy busy.. so serious offers only please. I don't have the time to break this apart. I'll either sell it all together, or sell the livestock to LFS, and put the entirety in storage until I return. I'm only doing this because I see the animals are suffering right now. It honestly doesn't make a difference to me if the gear goes or not, I just don't want them to suffer any longer. Also, PM me on the forum please, I don't want my phone number public! I'll call back as soon as I can.
  2. I have an unused RW-8, I'd sell for $60 Let me know!
  3. So, I work in IT (specifically unix administration) and haven't updated a resume in forever. In fact, my last resume was created back when "keep it to 1 page" was the strongest recommendation. I've updated it, and want to hear some input from you, especially if you are in IT! PM me, and I'll send you a link to a google doc. Please be as upfront, brunt, and brutal about it. We *ALL* know the hiring managers will be. I'd rather hear the criticisms from you, than to not hear anything at all from them!
  4. I used the email you sent me via messages. No worries though. I simply won't make any more deals with you. I go out of my way to say I'm interested in something, pay for it, and pick it up ASAP as several people here can attest to. I hate when people tell me they are interested in something, and then no-show, so I refuse to do it to others. In the other thread, I tried to get your attention a few times, finally got your info, and sent payment within minutes. I understand typos happen, and can excuse you sending the wrong address. What I won't excuse, is the fact that you knew I was interested and had asked for your info. You left my money laying in limbo for 2+ weeks, where the real person who has that email could have screwed me out of it. It would have been basic common curteousy to say 'hey man, no payment yet.. Are you still intetested?' At which point I'd have known something was wrong. To be clear, I'm glad the filter found a good home. I'm not annoyed about that. I'm annoyed that you left me in a precarious position with money dangling, and don't seem to give a damn. Posted from my OnePlus One running cyanogenmod via TapaTalk.
  5. I guess I'll go ahead and cancel the paypal payment that I sent on Aug 30th, and you never accepted.
  6. Is this a second one, or are you giving away the one I've paid for? Posted from my OnePlus One running cyanogenmod via TapaTalk.
  7. Prashant, when is moving day. I'll be going to California for a few days, but would be down to help if schedules work out.. Posted from my OnePlus One running cyanogenmod via TapaTalk.
  8. I've seen enough hang-on overflows fail in various ways that I'll never do one personally. Sure, there are a ton of ways you can add redundancy and failsafes, but in my opinion, its inherently problematic. Drill it. Posted from my OnePlus One running cyanogenmod via TapaTalk.
  9. Along with crooked ebayers trying to sell off hammers/torches as frogspawn to newcomers for those skyrocketed prices. "oh, I didn't TRY to cheat you, I just made a mistake"
  10. I don't see them listed, but if frogspawn is on the list, what about close relatives like various torches and hammers? Posted from my OnePlus One running cyanogenmod via TapaTalk.
  11. Can I paypal now, and figure out pickup either tomorrow or Monday? I'll be going to joefish sometime this weekend
  12. Interested. Where are you located? My mom wants to get something for a freshwater aquarium, and I don't think she needs a full RO system. Also, how old are the cartrdiges?
  13. A bit of a drive, but I'm still interested. How much are you asking?
  14. Gone crazy, where are you located? I've got cash, but can't make it south until the weekend, but can PayPal ASAP. What price are we talking?
  15. @gonecrazy If this falls through for any reason, please let me know. I was just looking at these, and didn't see this post a few months ago.
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