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  1. Marineland 150 gallon aquarium with corner overflow and parts. I am downsizing and am selling this tank. Excellent condition. $400.00 48" metal halide HQI light fixture, two 250 watt 10,000K HQI bulbs, four 65 watt compact florescent actinic, six blue moon LEDs (one does not work), with electronic ballasts for the HQI bulbs. Mounting brackets included. This is new unit (never used) that I bought several years for an aquarium that never was set up. This was over $700.00 when new. I have moved it twice and now it's time to find a new home for it. $350.00 I am open to offers... (Also on CL) Brent 315-727-5653
  2. I can take the Speaker Room Door Check from 9:30 - 11:00 if you don't have someone. Brent
  3. I need a bunch of caulerpa for my filter sump (Ecosystem Miracle Mud setup). Prolifera is preferred but I can use most common types. Thanks!
  4. Brent is adding one - now a total of 4 for us.
  5. Brent has added one more - now a total of 4 for us.
  6. We will be there! 3 for the snorkel trip. Brent
  7. You might be a reefer if... You use your boat lift to keep your new batch of Live Rock healthy until you can make room for it in your tank!
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